Midjourney V5 – what’s new with the AI art generator?

Midjourney V5 – what’s new with the AI art generator?
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What’s new with Midjourney V5, and how does it shape up to its older counterparts?

Midjourney V5 has come several months later than expected, but let me tell you it’s made quite the leap from its older counterparts (V1, V2, V3 & V4).

The latest installment of the popular AI art generator is available as an alpha test for Midjourney subscribers via Discord.

It boasts a number of improvements including a wider stylistic range, a better understanding of user requests, and can produce higher-quality images instantly.

Like OpenAI’s rollout of GPT-4, the newest version of Midjourney is muddying the waters in what we can discern to be human and AI.

If this sounds both scary and exciting, read on as we go into a little more depth about what’s new with Midjourney V5, and how to access it.

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What is Midjourney V5?

Midjourney V5 is the latest installment from Midjourney, one of the most popular AI art generators today. It can create a wide range of artwork and images according to user input. Users receive 20 free prompts before having to pay to use the service.

Unlike Visual ChatGPT, Midjourney puts an artistic emphasis on its service, though read more about how the two services overlap if you’re interested.

Less to do with creating photo-realistic images, Midjourney V5, like its older counterparts, has been designed to create ‘artsy’ images from user prompts.

It’s not without controversy though, given the company founder and CEO of Midjourney openly admitted its AI is based on existing artworks and photographs without the consent from the creators of them.

What’s new with Midjourney V5?

According to Midjourney’s announcement, here’s what you can expect to see with Midjourney 5:

Greater stylistic range and faster to produce images

Midjourney V5 is better at understanding user requests. When no style is specified, the default style will create a photorealistic output.

Midjourney V5 also boasts an enlarge button that allows you to instantly load a larger version of the image.

Improved resolution and improved dynamic range

To be precise, Midjourney V5 has doubled the resolution of its images with the V5 update.

More detailed images and more accurately produced – including improvements in producing hands.

Midjounrey V5’s neural network performs especially well here and can now draw the correct number of fingers that a human has! Facial details also seem to have improved.

It’s definitely looking harder to distinguish between AI generated images, and real ones.

How do you access Midjourney V5?

If you want to activate Midjourney V5 you’ll need to go into ‘settings’ in Discord, choose the MJ option, then press Enter to apply the changes.

Then, when you’re on Midjounrey add v 5 at the command prompt when generating an image.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Midjourney cost?

After your free trial of 20 free prompts, Midjourney has a subscription plan starting from $8 a month.

Do I need a Discord account to use Midjourney?

Yes – you need to make a Discord account to access Midjourney.