Midjourney – How to change aspect ratio

Midjourney – How to change aspect ratio
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Wanting to change the aspect ratio on Midjourney? We’ve got you covered.

The aspect ratio on Midjourney is the connection between the width and height of an image or video. It is presented as a ratio, with the width coming first. It is defined by two numbers seperated by a colon, such as 5:3.

For example, 5:3 aspect ratio means that the width of the image is 5 units and the height is 3. This would mean the image is a wider image.

Let’s get straight into it.

How to change the Midjourney aspect ratio

  • ‘–aspect’ or ‘–ar’ parameter to change the aspect ratio

Changing the Midjourney aspect ratio is straightforward. Simply enter the ‘–aspect’ or ‘–ar’ parameter to change the aspect ratio. The default aspect ratio parameter is 1:1 (sqaure).


  • /imagine prompt: a landscape –ar 6:3

Common Midjourney ratios

  • –ar 3:2 Common for print photography
  • –ar 16:9 Common for widescreen displays
  • –ar 9:16 Common for portraits

The aspect ratio will impact the shape and composition of a generated image. It’s worth noting that the final upscaled image can be edited and fine-tuned during image generation.

How to create rectangular images with Midjourney?

To create a rectangular image on Midjourney is super easy. Simply ensure that one of your units in your ratio is greater than the other.

For example:

  • –ar 3:2

This aspect ratio will generate a standard rectangular image. You can, of course, increase the unit size to extend the width or length.

Final word

You have now hopefully been able to change the aspect ratio to create the shape you’re after. If you’re using Midjourney and keen to check out different AI software, it’s worth having a look at the best AI generative art alternatives first.

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