How to use the Wolfram plugin with ChatGPT?

How to use the Wolfram plugin with ChatGPT?
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Here’s how to use the Wolfram plugin with ChatGPT, which has recently been made more readily available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

If you’re planning to use the Wolfram plugin with ChatGPT, you’re first going to need to become a subscriber to the paid version of the service. After that – you’re going to need to find out how to access ChatGPT plugins. Once you have access to plugins and you’ve enabled them – you should be able to choose GPT-4 as your language model option, and once you click on the list you can install the Wolfram plugin.

The Wolfram plugin is used primarily to plot mathematical data and information in digestible, visual formats. Alongside that, it’s partly used to provide natural language responses to social and humanitarian calculations.

Here’s how to use it:

How to use Wolfram with ChatGPT

Once you have ChatGPT running, and you select the Wolfram plugin, you can then enter a natural language question or query to the chatbot to receive an informative response.

For example, in the developer live-stream, the plugin was used first to calculate 2+2. After waiting for a response, it provided the answer to the sum, alongside a visual representation of a number line which could help you understand how that answer was reached:

Credit: Wolfram

However – this isn’t a particularly complex example, and Wolfram actually allows you to ask much tougher questions that will demand even more complex explanations.

Effectively – as long as you can format your question in natural language that ChatGPT can respond, Wolfram can help produce an understandable mathematical response.

ChatGPT Wolfram plugin – Internal Server Error

When testing out the Wolfram plugin for ourselves – we experienced the following error with the plugin. We made sure to test with and without the plugin activated to find out if the issue came from ChatGPT or Wolfram, and we realised it was likely the latter.

It’s highly likely that the Wolfram servers themselves are being overworked – not just by ChatGPT, but from their own website’s services.

We’re going to be keeping our eyes out for the latest on how to use the Wolfram plugin with ChatGPT – so make sure to stay updated with us. In the meantime, we hope to answer any other questions you might have here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT free?

Technically – the Wolfram pluugin for ChatGPT is not free as at the moment you need to pay for ChatGPT Plus to access it.