How to use GPT-4 with ChatGPT?

How to use GPT-4 with ChatGPT?
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Now that the latest OpenAI model is here, here’s how to use GPT-4, the multimodal artificial intelligence powering ChatGPT’s latest update.

Currently, you can access GPT-4 through ChatGPT, but the GPT-4 Developer API is also available, depending on if you make it through the waitlist. We’ve already covered how to access that, so for now we’re going to go in-depth on how to use GPT-4 with ChatGPT.

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How to use GPT-4 with ChatGPT?

If you want to use GPT-4 with ChatGPT, here’s what we would do to begin. Once you have logged in, you’re going to have to select which model of GPT you’re planning to use. Of course, following the recent update, there’s no question about what to select.

An image displaying how to select the GPT-4 model from the ChatGPT User Interface.

Once you’ve selected it, you have full (limited) access to ChatGPT’s latest language model.

What can GPT-4 do?

GPT-4 is, as stated in the image above, an advanced model of GPT. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be packed with brand new features, though there are a few new additions. However, the most notable is the advancements in reasoning. While the speed of GPT-4 is slightly lower, this isn’t due to limitations to the technology, but limitations with the capacity and servers dedicated to the new model. This is limited at the moment while they test GPT-4, though we can anticipate an increase in speed when capacity is expanded.

Here’s a few things that GPT-4 can do, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that ChatGPT can do the same things.

  • GPT-4 is more reliable, creative, and able to handle much more nuanced instructions than GPT-3.5.”
  • Can generate textual responses when given visual input (images)

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Can you use GPT-4 on ChatGPT without paying?

At the time of writing, you can’t use GPT-4 on ChatGPT without paying for the subscription service. The only free alternative to use GPT-4 is if you’re an AI developer and apply for the API. From there, if you’re accepted, you can access the GPT Playground where you can interact with the GPT-4 API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use images with ChatGPT?

You can’t use images with ChatGPT. You can only use images with the GPT-4 developer API, which allows you to access the image input features.

Is it easy to use GPT-4?

There’s not really much difference in interface between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, as many of the changes are extremely technical, and related to the way the AI is ‘trained.’ This means that using GPT-4 is just as easy as previous iterations.