Making ChatGPT undetectable is easier than you think

Making ChatGPT undetectable is easier than you think
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If there’s a will, there’s a way…

You might be wondering how to make ChatGPT undetectable so stick around for the insider’s scoop. ChatGPT has soared in popularity across the globe since it was publicly released last year. Ever since then, the internet has become absolutely wild as users and businesses begin testing the waters. As a chatbot that can generate human language, it’s opening what seems like infinite doors whether you’re a content creator, student or writer.

It’s worth noting that for websites trying to rank on search engines, AI writing is allowed so long as it follows their guidelines. Other places, such as educational institutions, will not allow this – so only use it in instances where you’re encouraged to. In fact, AI writing positions are becoming more and more popular these days. If you’re looking to stop your AI written content from being as obviously chatbot written – it’s actually much easier than you might think.

How do you make ChatGPT undetectable?

While there are a number of decent AI detection tools to watch out for, there are always going to be creative people finding ways around detection tools.

  1. Prompt ChatGPT to write more human-like

    The effectiveness of this approach depends on what exactly your prompt is. You could try the following, just be sure to plug it into an AI detection tool first to check the effectiveness.

    You might consider using rare and bespoke words like a human would. You can pre-write a list of words you’re wanting ChatGPT to insert, and then remind the chatbot to use them. Answer with more spoken language and line breaks so it’s harder to detect by a ChatGPT detector.
    You might also trying getting it to answer like a 28 year old human would, or pick a different appropriate age.

  2. Re-write content

    Though potentially making the task more time consuming, rewriting the content with the help of ChatGPT is a good way to inject some of that creative human flair back into the writing.

    Similar to this method, if you want to use ChatGPT to improve your writing, you could write the essay, then ask ChatGPT to rewrite the content more professionally with grammar corrections.

  3. Translating

    Using a translation tool is another way to help make your AI content undetectable. Translate your English ChatGPT generated text into French and then translate it back again into English. This will change the whole content, though once again, plug it into a detection tool to make sure this method has been effective.

Updated, high powered LLMs are better at bypassing AI detection

If you’re still using GPT-3.5, you’re definitely going to want to consider looking at GPT-4 instead. The latest ChatGPT model is much more advanced, fluid, and comprehensive with its writing ability. There’s a difference noticeable to the human eye, too. For instance, the overuse of the word however is a pretty obvious tell that someone’s using an AI writing tool.

Other LLMs including Bard are also quite competent at writing, though for now GPT-4 is the best.

What is AI-detection and how does it work?

If you’ve used ChatGPT, you’ve probably found that it can be super helpful, but can be predictable, and well, bland.

AI detection is performed by machine learning algorithms that analyze the content and look for patterns that are typical of AI-generated text.

Because AI output takes advantage of human language patterns, there are a number of AI detection tools that basically work by predicting the chances that user text would have been produced similarly if you asked a chatbot to answer the same prompt.

For example, Originality is a popular AI detection tool for industry-level content . You can input your written content into the platform where it will provide a percentage to indicate the human-like quality of the content.

Now we’ve discussed what AI detection is and how it works, let’s get into how you actually make ChatGPT content undetectable.

Frequently asked questions

Do spelling mistakes help make ChatGPT content undetectable?

Though potentially not the best approach if you’re submitting an essay, spelling mistakes can help bring down the score on AI detectors.

What is the best AI detector in 2023?

No AI detector is perfect, but we recommend which is used on an industry level. Other AI detectors include GLTR and Writer AI Content Detector.