How to turn on and access ChatGPT plugins

How to turn on and access ChatGPT plugins
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We’ll be breaking down how to access ChatGPT plugins so you get even more out of ChatGPT.

OpenAI recently announced in a Tweet that over 70 plugins will be available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers after joining a waitlist. Users will be able to install as many plugins as they want, though can only use up to three at a time.

The new ChatGPT plugins will dramatically increase the chatbot’s capabilities. Now that the Chatbot is capable of surfing the web, you can enlist the help of ChatGPT for shopping, planning a trip, cooking, coding and more.

This is an exciting next step for ChatGPT. It’s joining other language models like Google Bard which have the ability to respond to real-time prompts. For example, you can check flight times provided by Kayak, or order from a grocery store through Instacart. We’ve also seen a code interpreter plugin which makes coding with ChatGPT easier than ever.

So, now that the rollout has moved from “alpha to beta”, according to OpenAI’s announcement, let’s get into how you can turn on and access ChatGPT’s plugins.

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How to turn on ChatGPT plugins?

Before turning on ChatGPT plugins, you’ll need to have joined the waitlist for ChatGPT plugins, you’ll need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber. If you’re wondering whether ChatGPT Plus is worth it, accessing ChatGPT’s plugins has definitely given us another reason.

Turning on plugins will open a lot of doors when using ChatGPT and will no doubt change everything. The web browsing plugin alone is exciting enough, and will no doubt require some getting used to. So, if you want a little help getting started, we’ve covered how you can use ChatGPT web browsing, and included a couple of ideas for you to take advantage of.

  1. Log in to ChatGPT
  2. Head over to Settings
  3. Go to Beta features on the left sidebar and enable Plugins.

How to access ChatGPT plugins?

To sign up, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber which involves paying a $20 subscription fee. Considering the potential of ChatGPT plugins, combined with access to GPT-4, OpenAI’s subscription plan definitely looks like it’s worth it now.

  • Log in to OpenAI account
  • Click Upgrade to Plus on the left menu
  • Choose ChatGPT Plus upgrade plan
  • Fill in bank details and set up $20/month recurring payment
  • Continue to ChatGPT Plus

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In the meantime, you can have a look at the best ChatGPT plugins and familiarise yourself with what to expect if you’re still on the fence.