Claude 2 vs ChatGPT

Claude 2 vs ChatGPT
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Claude 2 and ChatGPT have entered the ring? Who’s winning?

Claude 2 and ChatGPT are two chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. ChatGPT, released 30th November 2022, quickly trended with its capacity to process and produce information in seconds. Alongside its information processing, users have discovered its ability to write code, write essays and even do your CV. Claude 2, released July 11th 2023, is the more recent of the two. Claude 2 has been noted for its ability to summarise novel blocks of text and operate from intricate principles, including from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But with the continuous release of more AI chatbots, it is important to note and understand their differences and their similarities. Here, we will breakdown both chatbots and compare price, data handling, availability, privacy, features and more.

Let’s get straight into it.

Claude 2 vs ChatGPT – What are the differences?


For both ChatGPT and Claude 2 you can access the chatbots for free. However, both applications offer their extensions and products for businesses at an extra cost:

  • ChatGPT – to run the GPT-4 extension, there is a cost of $20.
  • Claude 2 – to run the Claude 2 AI API, users pay $0.0465.

Data handing

Claude 2 can handle vast amounts of data. To be specific, the chatbot can take 75,000 word prompts (100,000 tokens) which can result in intricate and contextualised responses. ChatGPT, however, can’t process the same amount of information in one go, and can only process 7,096 tokens. ChatGPT is more creative, making it the better option for tasks requiring real-time data and specific language support. (For the paid version, ChatGPT Plus supports 8,192 tokens).


Claude 2, at the time of writing, is only available in the US and in the UK. ChatGPT, on the other hand is more widely available and is probably easier, to know what countries ChatGPT is unavailable in.


Both Claude 2 and ChatGPT, lets users delete their interactions. However, where Claude 2 supports VPN browsing, ChatGPT does not. Claude 2 has been labelled by its creator, Anthropic as “Constitutional AI”, meaning they are abiding by a large list of principles accumulated from different sources. These sources include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which suggests the moral intentions behind Anthropic’s chatbot. The US based AI company have recognised the growing debate about the safety of chatbots and have promised the manual results checking of their software.


ChatGPT has no additional features in the free version. In GPT Plus, there is a plugin store, code interpreters and API support.

Claude 2 can be added to Slack and handle practical tasks like summarising threads, providing suggestions, brainstorming and also provide API support.


ChatGPT supports over 80 languages. Claude 2 doesn’t support as many but supports several widespread languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin, French and more.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Strengths: ChatGPT, a widely available OpenAI chatbot, supports over 80 languages. It can process information at speed and is useful for difficult, data-handling tasks.
  • Weaknesses: It has limited context handling capabilities as the result of only supporting 7,000 tokens. The free version does not have additional features and does not provide the same quality as the paid version.

Claude 2

  • Strengths: Claude 2 can process and handle vast amounts of data of up to 100,000 tokens. It has performed exceedingly well in tests of law, mathematics and coding, and can use machine learning to improve and adapts its own software.
  • Weaknesses: The chatbot is only available in the US and UK. The software lacks an internet connection and can provide misinformation on real-world data.

Final Word

In conclusion, both ChatGPT and Claude 2 represent remarkable advancements in the field of intelligent chatbots. While ChatGPT, based on GPT-3.5 architecture, offers expansive knowledge and language capabilities, Claude 2 demonstrates refined contextual understanding and problem-solving abilities.