ChatGPT server status

ChatGPT server status
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If you’re experiencing any issues accessing ChatGPT you might be wondering about its server status.

ChatGPT has become something of a phenomenon, and this increase in traffic has brought occasional outages. During these times, users report being instructed by the ChatGPT UI that it is experiencing ‘exceptionally high demand’ and so cannot process their prompts, whilst others are unable to even load the page hosting the UI.

This happening is a good indication of ChatGPT being at capacity, though can also be an issue with the servers themselves.

If you are having issues accessing ChatGPT but the servers are still operational, it is likely that the fault is on your end, and you’ll need to seek to fix your connection. If the servers are down, the problem is out of your hands and you will have to sit tight until Open AI reestablishes them.

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ChatGPT server status – is there an outage?

At the time of writing, we appear to be just coming out of an outage. A few hours ago users started reporting being unable to load the ChatGPT webpage

This crash appears to have even affected users of ChatGPT Plus, this is a subscription service where you pay for benefits. One of these benefits is priority access to ChatGPT even during times when the chatbot is approaching capacity.

This lack of access suggests a significant outage. However, just over an hour ago, OpenAI finally confirmed the outage on their server status page, and an hour later the company claimed the issue had been resolved.

We are still having some trouble accessing the site for now but this is hopefully a sign that things will be back up and running in the near future.

We’ll be keeping this page up to date with any future outages, so keep checking back.

Frequently asked questions

How many people use ChatGPT in a day?

While OpenAI has not published official numbers, sites dedicated to monitoring Internet traffic report ChatGPT getting over 13 million unique page views per day, as of February 2023.