How to fix ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error message when web browsing

How to fix ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error message when web browsing
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Here’s what you can do about the ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error message.

OpenAI recently implemented web browsing to ChatGPT and since then, there’s been a recurring issue with a certain ‘click failed’ warning. However – there is little reason to fear, as this isn’t necessarily an issue with ChatGPT’s latest feature not working. Regardless, there’s still a few things which you can do to fix this.

ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error

Why does the ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error message occur?

This error occurs when ChatGPT tries to access a website which has blocked ChatGPT, or bots in general, from accessing the site.

This could be a for a range of reasons – including preventing inauthentic traffic, and also from stopping certain scrapers from accessing content. For example, an online blog might prevent ChatGPT from accessing their content to prevent plagiarism, or similar.

How to fix ChatGPT ‘click failed’ error message

  • Command ChatGPT to try again
  • Check for geographical restrictions
  • Check you’re directing ChatGPT to an inaccessible file-type

Here’s how you can go about fixing the ‘click failed’ error message:

Command ChatGPT to try again

  • Prompt: “If you are unable to access a link, try again 20 times until you eventually give up.”

Check for geographical restrictions

It’s possible that a page you’re trying to access is not available in your country. For example, HBO Max might not be accessed by those in the UK, so ChatGPT may not be able to access it from its servers. It’s worth checking on page restrictions and possible using a VPN to circumvent them.

Check file-type

It’s possible that the web-link you’re directing ChatGPT to is an image file, or video, which ChatGPT has trouble processing. You can learn more about GPT-4 image input here, though for now it is not possible.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on ChatGPT’s ‘click failed’ error message, and what you can do to fix it. However – realistically, there’s not that much that you can do.