ChatGPT Bad Gateway – can you fix this error?

ChatGPT Bad Gateway – can you fix this error?
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If you’re getting the ChatGPT Bad Gateway error, you’ll want to get it sorted out as soon as possible. There are a few things you can try that may sort the issue, though it is possible you will just have to sit it out.

Now that AI has become more and more a part of many people’s daily life and work processes, a ChatGPT outage can have a big impact. Loads of people have leant into this new breakthrough meaning ChatGPT now helps people code, brainstorm and draft bits of writing across the planet.

Thanks to this incredible level of popularity we’ve been seeing ChatGPT reach capacity more and more often. This is part of the reason why ChatGPT Plus was introduced, with one of the benefits of the paid subscription being priority access at surge times.

However, recently ChatGPT has been down, rather than just at capacity meaning that even Plus users are losing access. This comes amidst OpenAi’s introduction of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, which may be contributing to the upsurge in traffic recently.

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Can you fix ChatGPT Bad Gateway error?

If you’ve been seeing the ChatGPT Bad Gateway error, it is likely tied to the recent ChatGPT outage that occurred after a bug was reported that allowed some users to see other people’s conversation history. To stop this from happening OpenAI shut down ChatGPT, temporarily denying access.

The first port of call, if you are receiving this error, is to go to OpenA’s server status page. There they should list any issues or outages they are having. This will let you know if the error is on the server side.

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With the Bad Gateway error code, it looks like this is usually the cause, in which case, annoyingly you have to wait it out while OpenAI sorts things out from its side.

If, when access is restored, you still can’t see your chat history, you check out our potential fixes here.

Frequently asked questions

Is ChatGPT bad gateway error permanent?

No, we are confident that OpenAI will resolve this issue, and fast. Server errors are very rarely permanent.

What is the current version of ChatGPT?

The current free version of ChatGPT runs on GPT-3.5, while GPT Plus subscribers have access to GPT-4.