Can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism?

Can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism?
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The advent of AI has been followed by hordes of sneaky students and employees hoping to use the service for their own good, so let’s get to the root of whether ChatGPT can be be detected for plagiarism.

ChatGPT is a conversational AI tool that can generate text and content tailored to your specific needs. Of course, with the introduction of this new technology, there’s going to be some people looking to use it to their advantage in education. In fact, some universities have even reverted to pen and paper exams to prevent students from using AI. As a side note, my moral compass compels me to pretend I am not secretly jealous that students these days have access to ChatGPT.

That said, let’s find out if ChatGPT can be detected for plagiarism.

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Can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism?

So, can ChatGPT be detected for plagiarism? If you’re a teacher, or a narc, you’ll be pleased to hear that it can be detected. If you’re a forward thinking student, you’ll thus be displeased to hear that there are AI content detectors out there.

How is ChatGPT detected by plagiarism?

ChatGPT content can be detected through the use of AI content detection tools, of which our friends at PCGuide have already compiled a comprehensive list.

Essentially, in order to make use of these tools, you take the submitted content in question, and parse it through the tool. It then somehow returns an accurate value on whether it is generated by AI or written organically by a human. It uses an API, however we’re not quite privy to how exactly it works.

Can you stop ChatGPT content being detected?

Realistically, it might not be possible for you to stop your content from being flagged as AI generated. The only solution we can offer for this is to pay attention in school!

An alternative to this, is to use ChatGPT content as a guideline, and then to personify it yourself through rewrites and workshopping. We don’t necessarily recommend this is you’re trying to get high marks in school or anything, but we think it could help anyone in a pinch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChatGPT content plagiarism free?

ChatGPT content is generated using other information and data as a framework, though it’s not necessarily plagiarised content itself. The only issue is that it’s not content written by a human, which is an issue for education regulators.

Can ChatGPT content be detected by humans?

ChatGPT isn’t easily detected by humans in some scenarios. It obviously depends on what was inputted, however the content is often nearly unrecognisable.