Can GPT-4 generate AI videos?

Can GPT-4 generate AI videos?
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If you were wondering whether GPT-4 can generate AI videos, look no further.

ChatGPT has been taking the world by storm since its release in November 2022. The capabilities of the chatbot to generate essays, poems, lyrics, and even coding were an extremely exciting development in the AI world.

Now, Microsoft has released a new version: GPT-4, and people want to know what the update has brought. Accordingly, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s lips is can GPT-4 generate AI videos?

Let’s have a look at what we know.

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Can GPT-4 generate AI videos?

In short, no. GPT-4 cannot generate AI videos. We’re as confused as you.

Here’s why we’re confused. Last week Dr. Andreas Braun (CTO, Microsoft Germany and Lead, Data and AI STU) announced at Microsoft Digital Kickoff on March 9, 2023 that GPT-4 will have ‘multimodal models’ including videos.

So, when GPT-4 was released in March 2023 for ChatGPT Plus users we headed over to check it out, fully expecting AI video generating to be available….and yet. Here we are – scrolling through and exploring the new features – and no AI video generation in sight.

There is image-to-text recognition so they’ve added a visual element, at least. (That’s not a surprise at all given Microsoft’s recent unveiling of Kosmos-1.) But there is no image generation and absolutely no AI video generation.

As far as we can tell the only reason why Braun may have made his statement regarding videos is the potential capacity of the GPT-4 API update.

On OpenAI’ GPT-4 page, there’s a fun little button that says ‘GPT-4 API waitlist’. API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is used to make multiple programs compatible and allow for the further development of the software. Could AI video be a feature of this pending API roll-out?

We suppose we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about APIs, we’ve detailed the differences between ChatGPT and GPT API, and discussed how you can access the API.

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Will GPT-4 be able to make videos in the future?

Given the speed with which OpenAI is developing ChatGPT, it looks we could see GPT-4, or a future model like GPT-5 be able to make videos in the future.

For now, the most you can use ChatGPT for is to create images (if you’ve signed up to the paid subscription) or use it to help create scripts and storyboards. We’ve gone into a little more depth below.

Where can you find AI video generation?

So, GPT-4 can’t generate AI videos. We’re sad about that. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t generate AI videos at all. We had a look around to see what AI video generation software there was out there. Here’s what we found.

Stand-out features were Pictory‘s easy-to-use interface, InVideo‘s available video templates, Synesthesia‘s multi-lingual avatar capacity, and‘s transcribe audio-to-text service.

From this list alone, it’s easy to see that AI video generation can come in many forms and specialties. Whether you want to go the avatar and automated voice-over route, or are more of an infographic kind of person, AI video generators are out there to suit your needs.

As for the potential GPT-4 API update, make sure to watch this space to stay updated on the latest news. We’ll keep you up to date!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bing use GPT-4?

Yes, Microsoft have confirmed that Bing uses ChatGPT-4 to help it function.

Is ChatGPT a Google product?

No, ChatGPT is not a Google product. ChatGPT was developed and is owned by OpenAI.