87+ best Midjourney prompts that will change your art style forever

87+ best Midjourney prompts that will change your art style forever
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If you’re looking for the best Midjourney prompts, whether you’re looking for ideas, organic art styles, photoreal images, or simply for some fun – we should have you covered.

Midjourney prompts aren’t easy to come up with. Everyone understands the anxiety of facing a blank notebook page, and an empty prompt box evokes the same worries in us all. We’re going to help you out here, and provide you with a few ‘cheat’ phrases that will help inspire you.

With the latest Midjourney settings, you should be able to create nearly anything – within reason. We don’t condone the act of stealing art, or using other artwork to create images. In light of that, we’ll only be offering up prompts that allow you to organically create a ‘style’ which is fairly reflected by what you enter. It’s easy to enter “painting of graphics cards in the style of Van Gogh”, but it takes a little more skill and prompt engineering to come up with “graphics cards, oil painting, loose brushstrokes, impressionism, pastel colours, swirling brushstrokes.”

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87+ of the best Midjourney prompts for art

If you’re searching for the best Midjourney prompts to help you create art – it’s going to require a little background creativity. It helps to have a vague idea of what you want to create, and why you want to create it.

For example, it might help to look at different art styles throughout the years, and learn what makes them recognisable. For example – Pop Art is known for its high contrast and bold colours. Impressionism, on the other hand, is known for pastel colours and soft visible brushstrokes.

General Art prompts

  • ‘ethereal’
  • ‘hypermaximalist’
  • ‘cinematic’
  • ‘dreamy’
  • ‘line detail’
  • ‘line drawing’
  • ‘mystical’

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Gothic Art

  • ‘ornate gothic’
  • ‘oil painting’
  • ‘dark’
  • ‘detailed’
  • ‘sculpture’
  • ‘shadowy’
  • ‘ultra realistic’
  • ‘intricate’
  • ‘dark fantasy’

Baroque Art

  • ‘oil painting’
  • ’emotional’
  • ‘dynamic’
  • ‘dramatic’
  • ‘baroque hyper-real’
  • ‘epic landscapes’
  • ‘biblical’
  • ‘cathedral mural’
  • ‘fresco’

Impressionism Art

  • ‘pastel colours’
  • ‘painted light’
  • ‘bokeh’
  • ‘brushstrokes’
  • ‘visible brushstrokes’

Realism Art

  • ‘hyper-realistic’
  • ‘still-life’
  • ‘textured’

Landscape Art

  • ‘pastures’
  • ‘serene’
  • ‘vistas’
  • ‘detailed’
  • ‘sun light’
  • ‘soft light’
  • ‘golden hour light’

Best Midjourney Illustration style prompts

  • ‘pop art’
  • ‘art nouveau’
  • ‘futurist’
  • ‘block colour’
  • ‘ink’
  • ‘woodcut’
  • ‘watercolour’
  • ‘pencil’
  • ‘3D’
  • ‘minimalist’
  • ‘typography’

Best Midjourney prompts for portraits

There are endless ways to create portraits using Midjourney. To be successful, you’ll need a good balance between creativity, and technical skill. Below we’ve listed some of the best keywords to help create your portrait.

  • ‘headshot’
  • ‘sideview’
  • ‘shallow depth of field’
  • ‘full depth of field’
  • ‘posed’
  • ‘candid’
  • ‘eye contact’
  • ‘age range’
  • ‘gender identity’
  • ‘cultural identity’
  • ‘photorealistic’
  • ‘expressive emotions’
  • ‘soft focus’
  • ‘close up’

Best Midjourney prompts for logos

Midjourney can be used effectively to create a wide variety of logos, so if you’re looking for something for your business, website, or blog, here are some helpful style prompts to get you started. Once you’ve decided on the style, you can then apply some of the style prompts we’ve listed further down the page.

  • ‘lettermark’
  • ‘mascot’
  • ’emblem’

Best Midjourney prompts for character design

This video demonstrates how to effectively craft Midjourney prompts.

Here are the best Midjourney prompts if you want to create characters or personas. For the most believable characters, you need to consider a few factors including a character’s backstory, environment, relationships and goals. It’s also a good idea to introduce a few moral dilemmas for your character – this will help you define your character’s values and put them to the test. Image credit: DCA Art.com.

  • ‘femme fatale’
  • ‘mother nature’
  • ‘girl next door’
  • ‘cyborg’
  • ‘cyber punk’
  • ‘fairy’
  • ‘warrior’
  • ‘knight’
  • ‘angel’
  • ‘devil’
  • ‘goddess’
  • ‘gamer’
  • ‘geek’
  • ‘goth’
  • ‘artist’
  • ‘nun’
  • ‘priest’
  • ‘muse’
  • ‘professor’

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Midjourney prompts for art?

You can find Midjourney prompts for art by reading art analysis. There, you will be able to learn the vernacular that artists, and generative art AIs, use.

What prompts to use for AI art?

When you’re writing Art prompts, you want to be extremely clear and concise. Specificity is important, while also using words that are generally accepted in art discourse. Instead of using words/phrases such as ‘like’ and ‘in the style of.’

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