Best AI image generator in 2023 (May) – DALL-E-2 and alternatives

Best AI image generator in 2023 (May) – DALL-E-2 and alternatives
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For those looking to unlock a whole new type of of creativity in 2023, we’re looking for the best AI image generator to create a whole range of digital artwork.

It seems that 2023 will be marked as the year that AI exploded onto the scene and challenged the way we view art, creativity and pictures we see in general. Whether you’re creating ultrarealistic images of people that could be mistaken for the real person, or more abstract and stylistic art, there’s no shortage of tools to choose from.

While some popular AI image generators are allowed to be used for commercial purposes, some don’t. Indeed, Midjourney is no stranger to hot water with copyright issues for graphic novels published. It’s worth informing yourself of what’s allowed and what’s not before letting yourself loose on these powerful AI tools.

While you can get more generalised tools like Midjourney and Dall-E-2 that create a broad range of images, there are also smaller AI image generators that create very distinct styles, such as Deep Dream Generator.

Knowing exactly what you want from your AI image generator is crucial to finding you the best fit. It’s also worth considering that you can use language models like ChatGPT to generate the textual input. An example of this kind of thing in action is the very first entirely AI generated magazine – Infinite Odyssey Magazine which creates fictional news stories using language and image AI tools. Pretty cool, right?

Best AI image generator

Best AI image generator from text – free and paid

Jasper AI Art

  • Unlimited use with paid subscription plan
  • 3D rendering
  • Realistic photographs
Source: Jasper AI

Jasper Art creates a wide range of art from a selection of styles, similar to our other recommendations. However, Jasper Art stands out as a valuable tool specifically for blog writing and creative design. This means you can use the images you make can be used for both personal and commercial use.

This makes Jasper a standout option for professionals as it allows you to use watermark-free visuals for your content. This means it’s also a sound option if you’re an artist looking to sell your work using Jasper AI.

You can subscribe to Jasper AI here.

Fotor AI Art Generator

  • Extensive editing tools
  • Upload pictures and convert to AI generated art
  • Accessible on desktop, Android and IOS

Fotor AI Art Generator is a fun tool that can create art and convert your own photos into art as well as textual prompts. In other words, Fotor AI will respond to your textual prompts, or else convert your selfies into atmospheric paintings.

The style you get is fairly dreamlike, and basically stands out thanks to its easy user interface.

Best free AI image generator

There are three main contestants to look at if you want free AI image generation.


  • Four images per credit
  • Free unless you want more credits
  • Free credit refreshes every month
A twitter post showing AI generated art using Dall-e-2. The prompt used is "Two teddy bears shopping for groceries in ancient egypt"
Source: Twitter

With Dall-E-2, you get 50 free credits to explore how the tool works.

According to Sam Altman’s OpenAI, DALL-E-2 is a trained neural network that creates images from textual input. It improves upon its older sibling, DALL-E with a sharper resolution, improved comprehension and more capabilities.

You can create virtually anything from a text prompt, with the option of creating variations of the same image. The kind of thing you can put in your prompt includes specifying camera angles, lighting details, focal distance and more. You can also upload an image of your own, and DALL-E-2 will again create alternatives to that image.

It’s worth noting that DALL-E-2 is not as free as it was in 2022. Now, users get 15 free DALL-E-2 credits each month. If you’re an artist, you may apply for subsidised access, and otherwise, it will cost $15 for 115 credits.


  • No paid wall
  • Great for beginners
  • Unlimited prompts

Craiyon is a great AI image generator for those who don’t want to commit. It can definitely be a bit hit and miss, though if you have the curiosity and enthusiasm, you’ll get a lot out of this tool.

With Craiyon, you can recreate the style of artists, video games and more. Why not try seeing “Katy Perry in Dead Island 2” and give a whole new meaning to California Girls?

You can also experiment further, trying weird conceptions like “cabbage birthday cake” or “small man swimming in soup”.

Our advice is not to go too complex with Craiyon – it’s still learning but you get the gist. It’s ultimately a great tool for fun, silly art and experimentation!

Head over to Craiyon here and make AI art in less than five minutes.

Dream by Wombo

  • Multilingual
  • Social community like Discord
  • 42 art-styles including meme, HDR and realistic

Dream by Wombo is a wonderful thing. It’s super friendly to use, and you can get started quickly without having to make an account. You then decide on a prompt and then be prompted to choose an “Art style”. There are also built-in options to get your art printed and framed on either a canvas or poster, which is pretty neat.

It’s also available to use on your smartphone, making it a sound choice if you’re more often on your phone than in front of a computer screen.

The only drawbacks is that the software can take a bit of time, but that’s what you get for a free AI image generator. Worth it in our opinion.

Best realistic AI image generator

AI has become impressively photorealistic, though it still struggles to generate things like hands. However, Midjourney’s Version 5 update made some improvements to this, and it will only get better. In the meantime though, these are some of the best realistic AI image generators.


  • Remix mode
  • Variety of styles – dreamlike to photorealistic
  • Regular updates making improvements

Midjourney is one of the top AI art generators, though if you’re asking whether you can use Midjourney for free, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a paid service starting at $10/ month. Potentially worth it though if you want to create high quality AI generated images.

Midjourney is capable of rendering intricate details and textures like skin texture, facial features and lighting. If you have some experience in Photoshop, the sky really is the limit and you’ll struggle to tell the difference between what’s a photo and what’s AI generated.

It might be worth considering how Midjourney compares to Adobe Firefly if you’re a creative wanting to streamline your workflow.

If you need help in how to sign up to Midjourney, we’ve got you covered.

Dream Deep Generator

  • Social community
  • Different AI generating modes
  • 50 credits in free plan

Deep Dream Generator is a fantastically versatile AI generator that excels in both photorealistic and dreamlike output. We’ve seen some truly beautiful landscapes that look like you could find them on a postcard.

It gives you the option of using it as a text to image generator, but can also generate art by submitting your own image. We’re also intrigued by their ‘Deep Dream’ option which produces very trippy results. We’d say it’s very fun to play around with, but less useful if you’re trying to get a specific result.

Overall, the best feature of Dream Deep Generator has to be the community aspect of the program. Once you’ve set up a profile, you can like and common on other people’s work, which we think is a nice human aspect of the program.

Final word

Hopefully you’ll enjoy experimenting with these recommendations. Ultimately, the results you get will largely be determined by your textual input. If you need some help with this, you can lean on ChatGPT which won’t generate art but can describe images and generate text to then input into an AI art generator.

If you’re wondering whether you can use photos with ChatGPT, we’ve explained everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve done our best to answer some of your questions surrounding AI art generation.

What AI art generator is everyone using?

OpenAI’s Dall-E-2 image generator is a popular option for people on account of its credit system and quality of output. Unlike other AI art generators that need a subscription or only offer a free trial, Dall-E-2 gives you a number of credits that refreshes every month.

What is the best free art generator?

Craiyon is a great free art generator – you can visit their website and start making AI art in less than five minutes, without the need for an account.