WWE 2K23 Does it have Advanced Entrances?

WWE 2K23 Does it have Advanced Entrances?
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WWE 2K23 has now arrived in its typical boisterous fashion with its bevy of feature additions and, in some cases, reintroductions.

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Now, even though its predecessor was widely celebrated by the fan base, many couldn’t help but complain about some of its key omissions such as the missing Advanced Entrances element. For this reason, players are now asking if this feature has made its way back to the fray with the latest release.

Read on to find out what we know about its availability in 2K Sports’ latest wrestling installment.

Are there Advanced Entrances in WWE 2K23?

The fan base will be extremely happy to know that Advanced Entrances has made its way back with the launch of WWE 2K23. This means that players will be able to fully customize every facet of their created superstar based on their preferences.

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As most fans probably know by now, the reason for this mechanic’s exclusion from the 2022 title was due to the crashing issues it had been causing. WWE 2K20 in particular especially suffered as complaints by numerous users regarding performance problems were commonplace during this era.

After it was revealed that Advanced Entrances would be excluded from WWE 2K22, a large number of players became naturally frustrated due to the fashion in which it was announced. In hindsight, it may have been a wise choice to exclude it during that time since it may have compromised the game as a whole if it were to be introduced.

Now that it’s returned, this will allow franchise followers to immerse themselves into the WWE experience even more. To avoid the performance problems that were prevalent with this feature’s previous iteration, it has apparently been reworked in a way that doesn’t compromise the game’s stability.

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