WWE 2K23: Can I transfer VC or Cards from WWE 2K22?

WWE 2K23: Can I transfer VC or Cards from WWE 2K22?
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Much like any sports title created by 2K Games, WWE 2K23 also has a form of in-game currency called VC. This can typically be used to purchase various accessories, upgrades, and Cards for the various game modes that are available.

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Now that the annual installment is practically here, a large number of players will inevitably still have plenty of VC and collectibles stuck in the previous game. For this reason, many are now asking if they can transfer these items from WWE 2K22 to WWE 2K23. To help you out in your road to superstardom, we’re here to answer this exact question for you.

Read on to find out whether or not you can re-acquire the VC and Cards that you already have.

Can I transfer VC or Cards from WWE 2K22 to WWE 2K23?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to transfer your VC and your Cards from WWE 2K22 to WWE 2K23. This means the VC that you still have and the wrestlers you’ve already collected for your MyFACTION stable can only be used in the previous installment.

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This has always been the case even with other 2K sports installments and it doesn’t seem like the publishers plan on changing their minds any time soon. Sadly, microtransactions make up a big part of this company’s business model so allowing transfers between different generations would be a detriment to their strategy.

Based on a 2K Support article, however, their team mentions that the “VC in your wallet is shareable cross-gen in the same console family.” This at least allows you to use the in-game currency that you have across the same branch of systems so it doesn’t go to waste if you decide to upgrade at some point.

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