Is WWE 2K23 on PS4?

Is WWE 2K23 on PS4?
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WWE 2K23, the latest installment in 2K Games’ widely popular wrestling franchise, has a number of new features that players have long been asking for – including the highly anticipated WarGames match offering.

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With most AAA titles nowadays being made exclusive for current generation consoles, however, some players are now worried that they won’t be able to play the game on the PS4. Luckily, we’re here to clear up any doubts you may have about the game’s availability so all you’ll need to do now is to keep reading on.

Will WWE 2K23 be on PS4?

Yes, WWE 2K23 will be available on previous generation consoles including the PS4. It can similarly be played on a variety of other systems such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC.

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This should come as good news to those that are yet to upgrade to current generation platforms. Unfortunately, Nintendo fans won’t be able to join in on the fun as the Switch was not included in the game’s list of compatible systems.

It’s worth noting, though, that users who play on PlayStation 4 will not have the same advanced visuals that modern consoles boast. However, most of the game modes and match types that are available should be the same no matter what generation you’re playing on.

The wide availability of WWE 2K23 should allow a large number of players to experience what many are saying is an ideal follow-up to the largely beloved 2022 installment. Those that opted for either the Icon or Deluxe Editions of the game should now be able to access the game earlier than users who bought only the Standard Edition.

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