Is WWE 2K23 on Game Pass?

Is WWE 2K23 on Game Pass?
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WWE 2K23 is set to grace several consoles families soon, but many are still wondering about its availability on a few popular platforms, such as Microsoft’s Game Pass.

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The convenient subscription service is home to a large number of mainstream and indie titles that have been released throughout the years. Naturally, those subscribed to it are now asking if 2k Sports’ latest wrestling franchise installment will be available on it. As always, we’re here to answer this question for you so you won’t have to search any longer.

Will WWE 2K23 be on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, WWE 2K23 will not be released on Game Pass once the game has been fully launched. 2K Sports has also shown no indication of the game’s future inclusion on the service so those subscribed to it will need to purchase the full game for other systems.

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Fortunately, it is available on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, meaning Microsoft console fans won’t need to leave the family just to play the game. WWE 2K23 will similarly be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the PC, which means almost no one is going to be left out of the high-flying events – sorry Nintendo Switch users.

It’s also worth noting that since this isn’t an Xbox exclusive, it was unlikely to be given a day one Game Pass launch. That said, it may still be a long time before it eventually makes its way to the subscription service. With the game only being released, however, the developers could still just be taking their time with the announcement of its inclusion as they may still be working on various in-game aspects to make it as smooth as possible.

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