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Ben Borthwick by on Nov 18, 2021

WWE 2K22 announces ten new & returning features including the return of MyGM mode

2K Games and Visual Concepts have lifted the lid on ten upcoming features coming in wrestling sim WWE 2K22.

Top of this list of features is a redesigned game engine, presumably in an effort to exorcise the ghosts of the much-maligned WWE 2K20. Gameplay and animation have been redesigned from the ground up, we’re told. This also means a new and updated control system too. Apparently, this will make the game easy to pick up and play but also allowing for “high-skill expression.”

The graphics are another obvious upgrade, given WWE 2K22 will be the first current-gen outing for the series. We’re also getting an immersive presentation, promising the most authentic WWE experience to date. The Creation Suite also returns, allowing you to create your own Superstar to your liking.

As for game modes, you can expect a brand new WWE 2K Showcase that will allow you to replay iconic matches of tenured superstars like Rey Mysterio. Perhaps most excitingly, MyGM mode returns, allowing you to draft Superstars, book matches, manage contracts and prove you can run a brand. Similarly, Universe mode also returns, allowing you to tweak shows, PPVs, rivalries and more exactly to your liking in WWE 2K22.

A couple of new features are also touted. MyFaction will allow you to build a team of Superstars worthy of the Hall of Fame. You’ll collect, manage and upgrade these superstars, and take part in weekly events and challenges with regular updates promised. Finally, MyRise mode will allow you to play the journey of a new superstar, from rookie to Superstar. There’ll be new storylines for both male and female created wrestlers too.

More information on all these modes and more will still come in January, as originally promised. WWE 2K22 will be exiting the curtain in March of 2022.



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WWE 2K22

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WWE 2K22

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