When does The Last of Us TV series take place?

When does The Last of Us TV series take place?
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HBO’s premiere of The Last of Us is fast approaching and fans of both the popular video game title and the media giant have plenty of burning questions to ask.

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One inquiry that has steadily been gaining steam ahead of its release date centers around the adaptation’s timeline. Since Naughty Dog’s famed creation takes place in 2033, people are curious as to whether the show remains faithful to the game. So if you want to find out when it’s being set, then we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know below.

What year does The Last of US TV series take place in?

The events in The Last of Us TV series will take place in 2023, 20 years after the initial outbreak. This is based on a promotional post from HBO wherein it was revealed that the Cordyceps pandemic in the adaptation begins in 2003.

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Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann also revealed in an interview that the the show is being set in a different timeline to “help make it more real.” TLOU series showrunner Craig Mazin also mentioned in the same interview that deciding to set it in a different timeline won’t have much effect in terms of its post-apocalyptic aura and environment.

In addition to the timeline revelation, a new behind-the-scenes look has also been shared through HBO’s official YouTube channel. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who play Joel and Ellie in the show respectively, make appearances in the sneak peek along with Druckmann and Mazin. If you want to see snippets of the show’s development process, you can check out the video below.

With the TV series debut closer than ever, the hype surrounding it is at an all-time high. Hopefully, the show can live up to the success of the video game once it’s been all said and done.

When does The Last of US TV series take place FAQs

What year is last of us set in?

Naughty Dog’s title is set in the year 2033, 20 years after the first Cordyceps outbreak in 2013. However, the TV show will be in a completely different timeline and instead takes place in 2023.

Will The Last of US TV show follow the game?

Some of the episodes will deviate heavily from the game according to statements made by Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann. However, many of the characters and events present in it will more than likely stay faithful.