Warzone 2 Mini Royale Mode Explained – what is it?

Warzone 2 Mini Royale Mode Explained – what is it?
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The Warzone 2 midseason update has arrived and has brought forth a number of improvements to the base game. One of the most significant additions that most players can now enjoy is the inclusion of the Mini Royale Mode.

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Players who prefer a more fast-paced alternative to the typical offering will surely have more fun with this new mode. So if you want to learn more about this action-packed match type, then you’ll be able to find out more below.

What is Mini Royale Mode in Warzone 2?

Mini Royale Mode is a condensed variant of the regular, player-filled battle royale match that promises quicker results. Those dropping into this match type can expect fewer players but more compact safe zones in Al Mazrah. The max players allowed in a Mini Royale game is 54, allowing up to 18 teams of three to battle it out. The only available Mini Royale mode type in Warzone 2 is that of Trios.

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Based on what has been disclosed in a post from CoD, the Mini Royale will only be available for a limited time. It will most likely be removed once the season ends so those wanting to experience it should play it soon.

In addition to the inclusion of this small-scale battle royale, there have also been a number of other notable additions to the game. The introduction of Groups in particular changes the social aspect of this title drastically. You can read all about what you can expect with this new feature here.

The Combat Record has also been updated and will now start tracking your stats from Warzone 2. Unfortunately, the developers have stated that the previous kills you’ve accumulated won’t be counted. This means that it will essentially be a fresh start for all players. You can read more about the Combat Record reinstitution here.