Warzone 2 Buy Stations – Items, Costs and Locations

Warzone 2 Buy Stations – Items, Costs and Locations
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Call of Duty Warzone 2 has been out for quite some time and has swept the fans off their feet with a beautiful new map to explore on, known as Al Mazrah. Decorated with a variety of unique and engaging POIs, Warzone 2 has catered one of the best Battle Royale game modes Call of Duty has released to date, and the new map is certainly a major reason why.

As you explore the new map, you’ll notice shopping cart icons speckled across it. These are called ‘Buy Stations’ and grant players the opportunity to purchase a variety of different items the game has to offer, from killstreaks, custom weapons, equipment, and more.

With Warzone 2’s new map, has come an all-new buy station design and item selection. Not only is the layout different, but so are a handful of the items and the prices they come with in the buy stations. So what can we expect to find on Al Mazrah, you might be wondering?

That’s where we come in to help. From all the items to prices to where you can find them, we cover all there is to know here about buy stations on Call of Duty’s latest Battle Royale game mode, Warzone 2.

What Are Warzone Buy Stations?

Warzone Buy Stations are shops that are located within specific POIs across the Al Mazrah map where you buy an array of things that can excel your performance on Warzone.

It can definitely give you an advantage on enemies – especially in the early to mid-game stages of a battle royale showdown.

Warzone 2 Buy Station Items

Warzone 2
Courtesy of Call of Duty Warzone 2

There’s a lot of different items players can purchase at a buy station in Warzone 2. But what can be tough to budget around is the prices of whatever items you and your team are aiming to get.

The better the item is, the more expensive it will be. However, Warzone 2 provides plenty of cash to be found all over the map, be it on shelves, in cash registers, or in crates. As soon as you collect more cash, you will be able to purchase items of your choosing that could help you win the game.

That said, keep in mind that certain items have limited purchase availability at each buy station across the map. In other words, some items will always be available to purchase whereas others can only be bought once before it’s out for good at that location or has to respawn.

Moreover, each buy station will have its own set of gear items in comparison to others. So while you might have semtex grenades available at one buy station, you might not at another, and so forth with the rest of the gear items. The weapon selection, however, will remain the same at every buy station.

Without another moment to spare, here’s a look at all of the buy station items and their prices in Warzone 2 following the Season 3 update:


  1. Stim $400Unlimited Availability
  2. Stun Grenade $400Unlimited Availability
  3. Smoke Grenade$400Unlimited Availability
  4. Flash Grenade$400Unlimited Availability
  5. Armor Plate $500Unlimited Availability
  6. Thermite Grenade $500Unlimited Availability
  7. Throwing Knife $500Limited To 3 Purchases
  8. Proximity Mine$500Limited To 3 Purchases
  9. Frag Grenade $600Unlimited Availability
  10. Snapshot Grenade$600Limited To 3 Purchases
  11. Shock Stick$600Limited To 3 Purchases
  12. Decoy Grenade $600Limited To 3 Purchases
  13. Semtex Grenade$700Unlimited Availability
  14. C4 Explosive$850Unlimited Availability
  15. Deployable Cover$1,500Limited To 1 Purchase
  16. Tactical Camera$1,500Unlimited Availability
  17. Trophy System$1,500Limited To 3 Purchases
  18. Inflatable Decoy$2,000Limited To 3 Purchases
  19. Gas Mask$2,000Unlimited Availability
  20. Portable Radar$2,000Unlimited Availability
  21. DDOS$2,000Limited To 1 Purchase
  22. Munitions Box$2,000Unlimited Availability
  23. Precision Airstrike$2,000Limited To 3 Purchases
  24. Dead Silence$2,500Limited To 1 Purchase
  25. Recon Drone$3,000Unlimited Availability
  26. Counter UAV$3,000Limited To 3 Purchases
  27. Battle Rage $3,500Limited To 3 Purchases
  28. Durable Gas Mask $3,500Limited To 1 Purchase
  29. Suppression Mine $3,500Limited To 1 Purchase
  30. Armor Box $3,500Unlimited Availability
  31. Bomb Drone – $3,500 Limited To 1 Purchase
  32. Revive Pistol – $3,500Limited To 3 Purchases
  33. Self-Revive Kit$4,000Limited To 3 Purchases
  34. Cluster Mine$4,000 Limited To 3 Purchases
  35. UAV$4,000Limited To 1 Purchase
  36. Firesale UAV$5,000 Limited to 1 Purchase

Loadout Drop Grenades

One of the earlier additions to the Warzone 2 buy stations was that of the return of Loaduut Drop Grenades. Fans can now purchase their customizable loadout drops directly from the buy stations as they used to in both Verdansk and Caldera.

Initially, these Loadouts Drop Grenades came out a steep price, and still do to an extent. But since the launch of Season 2, Warzone made some key changes that have made loadouts much more affordable.

Here’s a look at all the Loadout Drop prices for each game mode in Warzone 2:

  1. Battle Royale Solos: $8,000
  2. Battle Royale Duos: $12,000 ($6,000 per player)
  3. Battle Royale Trios: $16,000 ($5,300 per player)
  4. Battle Royale Quads: $20,000 ($5,000 per player)

Loadout Drop Grenades are available in the ‘Gear’ section of the buy stations and are unlimited to purchase. Though the prices are a bit hefty, they were much worse prior to the Season 2 update, with the quad price going for as high as $32,000 at the time.

Primary Weapons

When it comes to purchasing any of your primary loadout weapons available in the buy station, all of them will now come with a price tag of $2,500.

Originally, it cost a hefty $5,000 to purchase any primary lodout weapons. But as of December 19th, Warzone 2 has now lowered the loadout weapon price by half, which came to the delight of many fans.

Should you not want to purchase any of your customized weapons available in the buy station, here are the other six default loadout options that you can choose from:

  1. M4 – Assault Rifle
  2. Lachmann-556 – Assault Rifle
  3. Lachmann Sub – Submachine Gun
  4. FTAC Recon – Battle Rifle
  5. HCR 56 – Light Machine Gun
  6. MCPR-300 – Sniper Rifle

Warzone 2 Buy Station Locations

Warzone 2
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Upon viewing the map before you land in Warzone 2, you can always locate at least one buy station at any of the main POIs. In fact, at some of the larger locations such as Al Mazrah City and Hydroelectric, you can find as many as four to six different buy stations in and around those spots. Others, however, will have less, if not, just one.

These buy station locations will vary per game, so be sure to scout out their spots before choosing where you want to land. Moreover, buy stations are not limited to named locations only and can be found elsewhere at random unnamed spots across the map.

Lastly, as of the Season 3 update, there will now be a total of 42 buy stations on Al Mazrah, instead of the previous 31. This is a big step up and should grant fans plenty of opportunities to purchase the items they need to win battle royale games.

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