Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update blasted as ‘unplayable’ on PC

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It seems as though the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update hasn’t gone down well with the PC community since its launch earlier this week, with many fans claiming the game has been rife with stuttering issues.

On the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, a number of players have posted video evidence amid pleas to Activision and Infinity Ward for some kind of patch. “It looks like a slideshow even with good hardware on max settings” claims ThotsFired69 with their footage. “My FPS and latency are fine,” replies RewstaMan “but this is the worst I’ve ever experienced after an update. It’s not playable.”

“Was averaging 230FPS before the update,” claims diaboliquetamarisk in their own reply. “Now I’m lucky if I hit 130, and on top of that my operator walks around like he just downed 10 xanny bars and took a hit of ayahuasca. I am just absolutely amazed how they continue to make a s***ty game even worse.”

“You guys wanna see unplayable? This is what unplayable looks like” says Second-Hand-News in a separate thread, including their own footage. The replies here too, tell a similar story. “My wife, BIL, and friend and I could not play Plunder last night,” says Red-Faced-Wolf. Everyone crashed (multiple platforms) multiple times and it froze up and stutter. I’m done with this bulls***. BF2042 is preferable to this.”

It seems as though Infinity Ward is at least aware of some of these issues. According to the game’s Trello board, they’ve said they are “investigating reports of reduced performance for some PC players” alongside other issues, including an issue “where the game may crash in splitscreen and are actively investigating.” However as popular Call of Duty Twitter account CharlieIntel notes, it’s now been two days since the update first launched, and many of the issues still remain.

For now players will have to wait and see if Infinity Ward deploy further fixes so that Warzone players may be able to enjoy some weekend shooting without resorting to watching a slideshow. Warzone Season 4 Reloaded has also seen the game crossover with The Boys, and introduced a new Vondel Waterfront map.

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