Warzone 2 ranked play proximity voice chat has been disabled

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Raven Software and Treyarch have apparently decided to disable proximity voice chat and global text chat in Warzone 2 ranked play. According to the developer’s statement, a minor update containing this change has already been sent out so players using this feature in the competitive battle royale mode will no longer be able drown out their enemies’ cries for help in the game.

Although this change won’t exactly affect your best Warzone 2 ranked loadouts, it’s still a significant update that removes a highly useful in-game aspect. This is because competitive teams that utilize proximity chat will now need to make use of a completely different VoIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) app like Discord or Teamspeak to communicate with their squadmates.

In their announcement, Raven Software simply stated that they, along with Treyarch, “made the decision to disable Proximity Voice Chat and Global Text Chat in Warzone Ranked Play.” Though no specific reason was provided, this update was most likely made in order to prevent players from making use of this feature to find out the location of other users.

Community reaction regarding this change has largely been mixed with several fans, including CoD news aggregator ModernWarzone, praising the decision. However, some people are predictably questioning the update since there didn’t seem to be any problem with Warzone 2’s voice chat feature. This also makes it much more difficult for console users to communicate with their friends in Warzone 2 ranked play since proximity chat was always a much easier option to use compared to other alternatives.

It’s currently unclear whether Raven Software and Treyarch plan on reintroducing this feature at some point in the future. For the time being, though, you’ll have to use Discord with your squad if you want to stand a chance of getting that elusive Warzone 2 ranked play victory.

Now that proximity chat has been disabled in the competitive battle royale mode, you’ll want to check out our best ISO Hemlock loadout and best Cronen Squall loadout so you can dominate the competition with raw firepower instead.

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