Valorant dev confirms agent nerfs for update 9.00, Episode 9 Act 1

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Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 is set to begin very soon. For the first time ever, Riot Games’ multiplayer shooter is on console, and those lucky enough to be playing the limited beta right now will be able to experience the new chapter in conjunction with PC players. Ahead of Episode 9 Act 1’s release, a Valorant dev has confirmed some upcoming agent nerfs for update 9.00.

If you are playing on console, make sure you don’t use a keyboard and mouse as this has resulted in bans for some players. Right now, the game is only on PS5 and Xbox in limited beta format, with a full release planned for Fall. Unfortunately, there is no crossplay between console and PC.

There is no crossplay between console and PC to maintain competitive integrity, along with the fact some changes may roll out on console slower than on PC. This will be seen with the upcoming agent nerfs for Valoran Episode 9 Act 1 as part of update 9.00.

Confirmed Valorant agent nerfs for update 9.00

Valorant game designer, PenguinVALORANT, has confirmed the following upcoming nerfs for Iso as part of update 9.00:

  • Removing the two-kill reset on his E
  • Reducing the duration of his E from 20s > 12s

These nerfs will be delivered in update 9.00 for PC, but on console they will be delivered in patch 9.01. The game designer has said this is “unfortunately due to some of the processes around console being new”.

In addition to these Iso nerfs, Riot has also confirmed that Episode 9 Act 1 will “remove Neon’s air accuracy while sliding” in patch 9.00 for console.

Episode 9 Act 1 is slated to begin on June 25th. But, on Twitter, Riot Games has announced they will be changing how they release patches beginning with update 9.00. Per Riot, “Starting with Patch 9.00, new content will be available in-game the day AFTER the patch release, with store updates coming the day after that”:

  • New content arriving after patch release:
    • Agents
    • Maps
    • Acts
    • Rank refreshes
    • Battlepasses
    • Skins (~2 days after patch release)
  • Content that remains live the day of patch release:
    • Balance changes to existing Agents
    • Main menu background video
    • Login screen art

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