Valorant console players are being banned for using keyboard and mouse

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After years of waiting, console players will soon be able to play Riot Games’ hit-competitive FPS game Valorant and some have a chance to play early as the limited-beta test launched on June 14th. PS5 and Xbox Series X players can jump into the game and finally experience one of the most popular games on PC. But, if you’re a keyboard and mouse player, it might be time to invest in a PC because Riot Games wants you to use a controller, and you could face being banned for not using one.

As reported by Valorant News, keyboard and mouse players are being hit with a ban while playing the Valorant console beta. In a video posted on X, a player is seen being banned mid-game for using the input device, with a message stating that “actions of an account playing on this device has violated player rules.”

Players participating in the Valorant console beta will be paired against other PS5 and Xbox Series X users, but not PC, despite cross-progression being active and players being able to use their existing PC account to jump into the game on their preferred console platform.

However, in the Valorant console beta guide, Riot Games states that “Keyboard and mouse are not supported, and attempts to use them on console (like spoofing) will result in a ban. VALORANT console is meant to be played with a controller.”

It is unclear whether this will continue once the full game launches on console. The guide does mention that the reason for players not being paired against PC users is because “fair play is a cornerstone of competitive gaming.” However, many competitive games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends allow for cross-platform with all devices including PC, console, and mobile in some titles. As of right now, we’re unsure whether this ban is permanent, but if you’re planning on playing Valorant console, stick to the official PS5 or Xbox Series X controller, as Riot Games also offers no support for third-party controllers, but you won’t be banned for these.

This news comes as Valorant is set to wrap up Episode 8 soon, having recently released update 8.11 that added a new map and balanced multiple agents ahead of the start of Episode 9 later this month.

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