Tomb Raider MTG card possibly shows new Lara Croft model for upcoming sequel

Tomb Raider MTG card possibly shows new Lara Croft model for upcoming sequel
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Tomb Raider is one of the most prominent leading ladies of the video games industry, and fans are desperate to see what’s next for Miss Lara Croft. She’s traveled the globe of video games appearing in everything from Fortnite to Call of Duty and now MTG, and next year she’s time travelling to the past to retell the tales of Tomb Raider 1-3 in glorious remasters. While remasters are exciting, so too is the TR12 sequel in development. We haven’t seen anything of the British heroine’s newest adventure yet, but the Tomb Raider Magic The Gathering card possibly shows the new unified Lara Croft model for the game.

It has been a good year for fans of Lara Croft. Tomb Raider recently celebrated its 27th year anniversary, and there was a crossover with Call of Duty in August that saw the return of Legend voice actress, Keeley Hawes. While 2023 has been good, next year is bound to be even better with the Tomb Raider 1-3 remasters, as well as the Netflix anime series starring Marvel and Mission Impossible actress, Hayley Atwell.

To add to remasters and the Netflix anime series, there is a TR12 sequel confirmed to be in development. Details about the game are light and we haven’t seen any official footage, but we’re hopeful the Magic The Gathering card is an example of the Lara Croft model we can expect.

Tomb Raider MTG card possibly shows new Lara Croft model

A Tomb Raider x Magic The Gathering crossover has been revealed. The release date for Tomb Raider meets Magic The Gathering is imminent, and you will need to be quick with your purchase if you desire the rare set. This is because they are only available for a limited time, and they are exclusive to the Secret Lair website. As is usual for MTG cards, the artwork is astounding. The professionals responsible for the immaculate artwork are credited on the announcement post as Jonas De Ro, Bartek Fedyczak, Eliz Roxs, and Greg Staples.

One of the cards is Lara Croft herself, and she’s billed as a human ranger and legendary creature. For fans of Magic The Gathering, her abilities include First Strike, reach, which allows her to ‘exile up to one legendary card or legendary land card from a graveyard and put a discovery counter on it’. Away from the abilities, the best aspect of the card is the artwork. It’s possibly a representation of the new Lara Croft model for Tomb Raider 12 as it’s consistent with her Call of Duty appearance as well as unified artwork shared on Tomb Raider socials.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider x Magic The Gathering
Image credits: Crystal Dynamics and Wizards of the Coast

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the series is getting unified with the survivor origin canon. This basically means survivor Lara will transition into the classic and Legend Lara everyone knows and loves. This unified Lara can be seen in the MTG card artwork with her rocking the classic blue tank top, cargo shorts combo, and dual pistols, along with the survivor ice axe and green pendant. If this is the Lara Croft we get in Tomb Raider 12, then both new and old-school fans should be pleased as there’s more emphasis on classic Lara with fine nods to Survivor. The face is also more aligned with the survivor while still sporting the classic long braid.

As for TR12 itself, all we know is that it’s single-player and being developed by Crystal Dynamics using Unreal Engine 5. It will also unify the timelines and be published by Amazon Games. There is hope the sequel will be revealed at The Game Awards 2023 with even a brief and minimal teaser, but nothing is guaranteed and fans are always wise to keep expectations low.