Alicia Vikander is reportedly out as Lara Croft as Tomb Raider movie rights expire

Alicia Vikander is reportedly out as Lara Croft as Tomb Raider movie rights expire
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Alicia Vikander will no longer play the role of Lara Croft in a future Tomb Raider movie, according to reports.

That’s at least if the report from The Wrap, as spotted by Eurogamer, is anything to go by. According to them, MGM had until May of this year to greenlight a sequel to the 2018 Tomb Raider movie starring Vikander. Alas, following the studio’s purchase by Amazon, MGM failed to do so in time, and as a result has lost the rights to make the sequel.

As a result, The Wrap claims via “insiders” that a bidding war has now started for the movie rights, which will now be a reboot with no director or cast currently attached. Producer Graham King’s GK Films is apparently representing the movie rights, having bought them from Square Enix back in 2011.

Vikander herself seemed to be under the impression she’d still be reprising the role as recently as last week. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she admitted the follow-up was in limbo. “I think Misha and I have been ready, so it’s kind of in somebody else’s hands to be honest”. (Misha being Misha Green, who was attached to direct the sequel back in January 2021.) MGM declined to comment on either report.

There’s been a lot of upheaval for the Tomb Raider series for the games as well as the movie of late. Embracer Group bought the IP, as well as studio Crystal Dynamics, back in May. The latter has begun work on the next game, but we probably won’t be seeing it for a while. The same can now likely be said for the next live action Tomb Raider movie.