THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary
Ben Borthwick by on Sep 2, 2021

THQ Nordic teases the “return of legendary franchises” in 10th anniversary showcase later this month

The current incarnation of THQ Nordic is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a showcase in two weeks promising a look at its upcoming games.

Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the THQ Nordic Showcase will take place at 8pm UK time on Friday, September 17. We’re promised sequels and “the return of legendary franchises, including some for which fans have been waiting decades to get their hands on a new instalment.”

While it’s keeping the big surprises under wraps, the studio has revealed a few things that’ll be shown. These include new information and footage on open world sci-fi RPG Elex II and the historical CRPG Expeditions Rome.

Throwing on our speculation hats, the biggest hope is that we might get some idea of what’s happening with the revival of Timesplitters. Of course, that comes under Deep Silver, which is THQ Nordic’s sister label with both under serial-studio-devourer Embracer Group which also throws a lot of options open. Perhaps more on the recently announced Saints Row reboot or a Biomutant expansion? Who knows, maybe we’ll get the ultimate wildcard and finally hear some progress on Dead Island 2? Stranger things have happened.

We’ll find out when the THQ Nordic showcase livestream kicks off at 8pm UK time on Friday, September 17. You’ll be able to watch it on THQ Nordic’s Twitch and YouTube channels, and you can check out a trailer below.


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