Payday 3 fans furious as game set to be always online

Payday 3 fans furious as game set to be always online
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While a number of Payday series fans have noted that previous entries in the series have been their go-to when having internet trouble; it appears Payday 3 will not be the safe haven they were hoping it would be should this happen in the future. It was recently confirmed that Payday 3 will require players to be constantly online to play the game and fans are upset.

Speaking in a Payday 2 live stream, Starbreeze’s global brand director, Almir Listo, confirmed that Payday 3 would require a constant internet connection to be played even solo. Listo said, “You will be able to play by yourself, but I do believe you will have to have a connection in order to play”. They cited that because the game is “made in the Unreal Engine, it’s using cross-progression [and] cross-play” players would “need to be online”.

Players were notably disappointed by this revelation with one player on the game’s Steam forums saying, “This is one thing I was very worried about”. Another fan on the Payday Reddit page lamented the announcement saying, “Payday 2 was my go-to when my internet goes out which is fairly frequent”.

Some players have gone as far as to suggest cancelling pre-orders and no longer wishlisting the game on Steam until the developers remove the feature. User StealthC0bra said, “If you actually want to try and make a change about the only online feature, then cancel your wishlist/per-order. It’s probably the only way OVK/Star-breeze will listen to the community, vote with your wallet”. Another player was seemingly put off pre-ordering Payday 3 after the announcement saying, “I was gonna pre-order Payday 3, I have even commented about that before but I’m not now, I enjoy PD2 because the modding, the offline and solo play”.

However, some players are still hopeful that this won’t be a permanent issue with the game or even that it might be a misunderstanding. Players might take solace in Listo’s “I do believe” caveat to the statement hoping that maybe this still isn’t the case. Starbreeze hasn’t officially commented on this issue outside of Listo’s live stream. In other gaming news, Diablo 4 players are trying to grief Hardcore players and Modern Warfare 2 players are disappointed with The Boys crossover after Butcher’s exclusion.

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