Apex Legends, Labo VR, and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition are your top gaming stories this week

Apex Legends, Labo VR, and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition are your top gaming stories this week
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Blimey, would you Adam and Eve it? Yep, that’s another week done and dusted, and with it, a whole bunch of (hopefully) exciting video game news to digest. Being an EastEnders fan, I know how important catching up on stuff is, so that’s why I’m here to guide you through the biggest gaming stories of the past week before you bugger off down the pub, play some Fortnite, fire up Netflix, or do whatever it is you do on a Friday night. But first, I’ll get the important stuff out of the way…

EastEnders has done it again. Nope, they’ve not brought back an original cast member, but someone a lot better – Brookside and The Bill star, Paul Usher. I wasn’t much of a Brookie fan, but I absolutely loved The Bill; Usher’s character, Des Taviner, was a bloody legend. In fact, his double act with Reg Hollis (or ‘Reggie babe,’ as Taviner so fondly used to say) was one of the best the show ever produced. Apparently, Paul’s set to play Danny Hardcastle, a new thorn in the side of Phil Mitchell, which should be fun to watch. Bring it on.

Speaking of ‘Enders, Danny ‘I’m fxxxing Danny Dyer’ Dyer is heading to High Wycombe for a charity footie game, alongside other celebrities. The cockney geezer will show up at Adams Park on April 7 for Sellebrity Soccer, which will raise funds for a mental health project organised by Wycombe Wanderers Sports & Education Trust. Fair play to Danny, I say!

Judgment release date announced

Judgment has received a western release date, and it’s not all that far off, arriving in late June on PS4. This is a nice break from the norm; the Yakuza games have taken years to arrive in the west after their Japanese release, so it’s good to see we’re only having to wait about six months. As a game, Judgment looks intriguing. It’s set in the same universe as Kazuma Kiryu’s bone-breaking adventures, but differentiates itself with investigative elements – you’re playing as a PI, after all.

Nintendo Labo’s latest kit brings VR gaming to Switch

Labo is a great piece of kit, and frankly the idea of turning your Switch into a pair of VR-powered goggles should have been there on day one. Still, better late than never, eh? In Ninty’s latest effort, the cardboard creation kit allows you to knock up six new Labo experiences powered by virtual reality technology. Aside from the goggles, you can cobble together a bird, elephant, blaster, camera, and a wind pedal. It’s out on April 12.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter confirmed for Switch

Blimey, this takes me back. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter’s cartridge had a lengthy spell in my N64 back in the day, despite the fact it was bloody hard and probably not that great. I mean, it was a decent shooter, but no GoldenEye, right? Regardless, the fact the game and its sequel is coming to Switch fills me with a nostalgic joy, and I’d totally be up for experiencing it all over again. There’s no date on Turok 2 yet, but the original is due out on the Big N’s console later this month.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition reportedly due out in May

Microsoft might be beavering away on a new Xbox console, but it’s clearly not done with the Xbox One just yet. Fresh rumours this week have supported previous whispers about a disc-less version of the Xbox One S, which is now believed to be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and will arrive in May. It’s basically got the same innards as the regular version, but supports only digital content. Pre-orders are expected to kick off next month, so, if true, we should get an official reveal pretty sharpish.

Apex Legends hits 50 million players

Apex Legends is one of the biggest success stories of recent memory. Launching one month ago, the game has now managed to drum up 50 million players worldwide. Sure, it’s free-to-play, but considering the game is also a battle royale title – a genre that Fortnite has pretty much monopolized – it’s a pretty big accomplishment. Obviously, momentum is a key factor from here on out; Respawn needs to keep things ticking over beyond the Honeymoon period, although from the look of its post-launch slate, that shouldn’t be a problem.

THQ Nordic issues formal apology over 8chan AMA

Following on from its disastrous decision to host an AMA on 8chan last week, THQ Nordic has now issued a formal apology for the debacle. The statement comes via Lars Wingefors, the group CEO and co-founder of THQ Nordic AB, who takes ‘full responsibility’ for the whole affair, stating emphatically that, ‘I condemn all unethical content this website stands for.’ Hopefully at this point, people can put the whole mess behind them and move on.

Devil May Cry 5 may come to Switch if Dragon’s Dogma performs well

Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno has said that there’s a possibility Devil May Cry 5 may slash its way onto the Switch, but there’s a catch: Dragon’s Dogma has to pull in the punters to make it happen. DMC would be a great fit on Ninty’s hybrid platform, and the series has never appeared on a Big N console to date. Duffing up demons on the go definitely has its appeal, so here’s hoping Dragon’s Dogma sets tills alight, eh? It also helps that DMC 5 is bloody fantastic, so the more people experience it, the better.