Thief and Bungie's Destiny will release on Xbox One in 2014, Square Enix and Bungie have announced. No surprise really, but now we have official confirmation from the publisher and developer.

Thief is currently in development at Deus Ex: Human Revolution creators Eidos Montreal, and described by Square as a "reinvention of a franchise that helped define an entire genre of games". The game will also arrive on PC and PS4.

The first-person adventure game rejoins Garrett in The City, a "shadowy world... ravaged with sickness and famine". A non-linear structure to mission design is promised, and Square claims that players will have "freedom to choose their path through the game's levels and how they approach and overcome each challenge".

Destiny is a new IP from the Halo creators Bungie, and is an FPS with integrated multiplayer elements - it will launch across current and next-gen platforms in 2014.

Source: Polygon | Facebook