Helldivers 2 CEO agrees that nerfs have gone too far

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One of the best things about Helldivers 2 is how in touch with the community the developers are. The Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt regularly interacts with players on social media and is very open to feedback and criticism, which often leads to changes being made.

Even during the recent PSN controversy, Pilestadt was publicly taking accountability and working with Sony to resolve the issue. This has led to Helldivers 2 building one of the most engaged communities in gaming today and helps to fix any issues that players might have with the game, including the recent focus on nerfing weapons.

Helldivers 2 best weapons: A player checks out the Eruptor rifle in the Warbond menu. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Use the R-36 Eruptor to close bug breaches and clear fabricators. Image captured by VideoGamer.

A Helldivers 2 player on X, @Official_Zecr, spoke out against the recent focus on nerfing weapons, which has received a lot of backlash from the community, with the player saying the game is now “un-fun.”

The Arrowhead Game Studios CEO @Pilestedt agreed with Zecr, noting that he thinks the team has gone “too far in some areas.”

“I think we’ve gone too far in some areas. Will talk to the team about the approach to balance. It feels like every time someone finds something fun, the fun is removed.”

This will be good news for Helldivers 2 players as Johan Pilestedt is very in tune with the community and pays close attention to player feedback. So now that it has been brought to his attention we could begin to see a shift in direction in regards to nerfs.

Following the PSN controversy last week, weapon nerfs have been a hot topic as many have questioned why weaker weapons can’t just be buffed rather than stronger weapons being nerfed. This would make sense as balancing isn’t as much of an issue in a PvE game compared to a PvP title. As with real weapons, not every weapon works the same and some have a stronger level of firepower compared to others, giving them different use cases.

Although your favorite weapon may have been recently nerfed, there are some new ones to check out today as the new Polar Patriots Warbond has just been released, which will add four new weapons to the game, the AR-61 Tenderizer Assault Rifle, SMG-72 Pummeler, PLAS-101 Purifier Energy weapon, and the P-113 Verdict Pistol, as well as Motivational Shocks and G-13 Incendiary Impact Grenades. These come at the perfect time as the Terminids have become resistant to Termicide which has led to them becoming “a greater threat than ever before,” with the current Major Order calling for players to eradicate four planets.

To ensure Liber-tea is served to the Terminids, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide, which will both include the new Polar Patriots items.

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