The Last of Us Remake may launch in September, on PS5 and PC

The Last of Us Remake may launch in September, on PS5 and PC
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The upcoming remake of The Last of Us, which is not yet officially confirmed, may be out in September, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

This is according to a leak from Jeff Grubb (via VGC), a journalist working for Giant Bomb. Grubb spoke on his video show, Grubbsnax. A viewer asked Grubb about a potential September 2nd release for the game.

Grubb responded:

“To me that date sounds right, coming to PC at the same time sounds very right, that sounds exactly in line with what I’ve heard.”

Why September 2nd? A Twitter account, entitled The Snitch, apparently leaked the contents of Sony’s State of Play presentation. And also leaked the existence of the supposed upcoming Hideo Kojima horror game, Overdose. The very same snitchy account tweeted this:

Now, given that Naughty Dog’s sequel was named The Last of Us Part II, it may be safe to assume that the “PART 1” in that tweet refers to the remake.

Back in January, this year, Prolific leaker Tom Henderson claimed that the game “is nearly finished and could release during the latter half of 2022.”

As to whether or not Sony will launch the game on PC at the same time as the PS5, it makes sense. Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst has said that Sony wants to bring more games to PC. The company recently acquired Nixxes Software, a support studio specialising in PC ports. And there were signs recently that Returnal may make its way onto PC before long.

The Last of Us, by the way, is a very good video game. In VideoGamer’s review, Simon Miller said:

“The Last of Us isn’t just the PlayStation 3’s swan song. It’s the best exclusive on the console full stop.”