The Finals players are turning on the game ahead of Season 3

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The Finals Season 3 is right around the corner and its recent trailer during Summer Games Fest has driven a lot of interest and anticipation surrounding the game. Despite this, The Finals is going through a rough period, with its player count being among the lowest it’s ever been and the overall morale within the community is at an all-time low. Hopefully, the boost in interest for The Finals Season 3 will help turn things around as it feels like a do-or-die situation for the developers.

The Finals multiplayer gameplay
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U/Hamerine took to Reddit to encourage players to be more positive about the upcoming release of The Finals Season 3, which arrives on June 13th saying,

“The Finals already struggle from the outside, it’s not attractive enough and, frankly, despite the fact that Nexon accepted to spit 250k $ in a one-minute trailer at SGF (which was very good because marketing was abysmal until then) we’re being « betrayed » from the inside by a VERY loud minority that refuse any kind of changes and are strongly dedicated to drag the game into the deep.

Season 3 is about to come out, but now is not the time for this behavior, we don’t really know yet how it will turn out. Review bombing is not the answer, posting over and over that TA is not your jam isn’t the answer. They will bring back Cash out as ranked season 4, most certainly.

Embark had made it clear that Cash-out is STILL their main mode, it just needs refining. We should all (well…) agree that the studio is doing its best from the beginning and we must not lose faith over triviality.

Let’s just enjoy the game for what is it, as the game loop is unique and getting better week after week with regular balance updates, let’s enjoy its identity, let it grow, let it cook.”

As with any live service game, The Finals will have its share of ups and downs, as the developers add and remove aspects of the game that some players don’t agree with. Games such as Fortnite have seen their share of bad times, but now the game is as strong as it has ever been, so The Finals players should embrace the changes and be willing to give them a chance. With the player count being extremely low, driving more players away from the game due to the negative community won’t help the game succeed.

If you haven’t tried The Finals yet, now is a great time to do so as a new season always brings a new level of buzz and excitement. To help you get started and become a crucial part of your team, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals best Light build guide, best Medium build guide, and best Heavy build guide so you can figure out which style suits you the most as a player.

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