Fortnite Festival Season 4: Metallica skins, free rewards, new game mode, and more

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The next season of Fortnite Festival will bring Metallica, Epic Games confirmed. The season will begin on Thursday, June 13, and besides the popular band, it will bring a lot of other content. This will be the biggest Festival season yet, and many players are excited about it.

In their recent blog post, Epic revealed numerous details regarding the upcoming collaboration. As we are less than 24 hours away from its release, let’s take a look at some of the content it will bring!

The Fortnite x Metallica collaboration will be massive

The upcoming Fortnite collaboration will bring content for every game mode, including Battle Royale. Members of Metallica will all get their skins, both in the Festival Pass and the Item Shop. On top of that, Epic will release a couple of free rewards obtainable through the pass.

Here is everything Epic revealed about Season 4:

  • Eight new skins of Metallica members
    • Four will be obtainable through the new Fortnite Festival pass
    • Four skins will come to the Item Shop
  • Six free rewards in the Season 4 pass
  • New Jam Tracks
  • New Festival cosmetics
  • New Festival game mode: Battle Stage
Fortnite image showing Metallica members
Battle Stage is a new Fortnite Festival game mode. Image by Epic Games

Battle Stage is a new game mode that combines Fortnite Festival and Battle Royale. It features 16 players and multiple rounds. Four players with the lowest score will be knocked out at the end of each round until there is a single victor! This mode will feature a lot of new mechanics, including attacks on your opponents to slow down their progress.

Epic Games has hinted at even more content coming with the Fortnite x Metallica collaboration. This might be a hint for the Metallica concert, although the game developer hasn’t confirmed it yet.

Fortnite Festival Season 4 will end on August 16. Interestingly, this is the ending date of the current Fortnite Battle Royale season as well.

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