The Finals dev teases new rank and skins could be added ‘soon’

The Finals dev teases new rank and skins could be added ‘soon’
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The Finals is a fantastic multiplayer experience set to head into a new season. While the marketing and hype for Season 3 hasn’t yet begun, there is still plenty to anticipate thanks to teasers from personnel working at Embark. Although it might happen in S3, The Finals developer has teased a new rank could be added to the game ‘soon’ with accompanying skins.

Make sure to check out the full update 2.8.0 patch notes to see of all the changes and fixes recently implemented by Embark. This patch has implemented a new issue that you must fix yourself as it won’t be officially fixed until this week’s update, and it has also significantly buffed melee weapons much to the delight of the community.

We only have a few more Season 2 patches until we finally start Season 3. We don’t know everything that will be added for the game’s third chapter yet, but maybe we will get a new Ruby rank.

The Finals dev teases new Ruby rank

The Finals developer, Embark Rob, has teased the possible addition of a new Ruby rank for the game. On the game’s official Discord, Rob posted a message saying “Ruby has never been in the game… but it looks like this!”. The message is accompanied by an image of The Finals logo in a beautifully colored Ruby emblem.

The Finals ruby rank
Image credit: thefinals Discord

This doesn’t guarantee a new Ruby rank will be added to the game, but Rob has gained a reputation for ‘leaking’ new content that has later joined The Finals. Naturally, the replies in Discord were overwhelmingly in favor of a new Ruby rank with people calling it ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’.

One user replied “aka,… not yet,” to which Rob replied with an image of the word ‘soon’.

The Finals Ruby rank 'soon'
Image credit: thefinals Discord

In addition, Rob also replied to the query “will there be a skin that accompanies this new rank?”. Rob replied by posting, “Personally I would love that, but it depends on if people want more skins I guess.. TBH the ruby skins look great if you ask me, the shader and texture work that aKiM & maTT have done is amazing…”.

The Finals Ruby rank skin
Image credit: thefinals Discord

So there you have it folks. Not only could we be getting a new Ruby rank, but we could also possibly be getting new thematically appropriate skins. Again, this isn’t official, but we’re all aboard the hype train!

Away from a new Ruby rank, we know that we are getting a new map for Season 3, and there is also going to be the addition of a massive new comms feature fans have wanted since day one. Not only that, but leaks have also revealed an insanely cute pet set to join the game one day.

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