The Finals aim assist continues to be a massive crutch for players

The Finals aim assist continues to be a massive crutch for players
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Every FPS game, whether it’s CoD, Apex Legends, or The Finals, has an aim assist feature to help level the playing field for console players. Since controllers don’t have the maneuverability that a mouse and keyboard provide, it becomes a necessary crutch that PlayStation and Xbox gamers have come to lean on. However, there comes a time when one becomes curious about how the game would feel without aim assist. Unfortunately, the result, more often than not, is incredibly humbling.

Just ask u/Aatheron, who decided to play The Finals with aim assist turned off. Predictably enough, they immediately regretted their decision because, without aim assist, enemy tracking becomes a nightmare. You’ll have to rely on pure aim and a ton of thumb endurance just to get a kill. And in a fast-moving game like The Finals, it becomes even more difficult since you’ll have to juggle broad area movement with the game’s destructible environment, all while holding off an opposing team hellbent on ruining your session.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the community’s had an issue with The Finals’ aim assist. It had already received a ton of backlash from players for being too overpowered, and even though Embark Studios eventually nerfed it, it still massively influences the way each match plays out. Naturally, the only solution is to leave aim assist on permanently. But for console players who truly want to improve their aim, it almost becomes impossible (unless you switch over to a gaming PC).

Since Embark Studios had already updated aim assist in a previous patch, it seems unlikely that the developers will be introducing more changes to it in the future. So, for now, console players will have to make do with this feature no matter how much of a crutch it may be.

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