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Street Fighter V’s final DLC fighter Luke arrives next week

Street Fighter V Luke
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Capcom has revealed more details on the final DLC roster addition for Street Fighter V, showcasing Luke in a Fall Update broadcast overnight.

A kickboxer, Luke’s backstory sees a dramatic childhood event involving his father inspire him to become a fighter. He joins the military to do so, which appears to bring him across the path of Street Fighter stalwart, Guile. The rest of Luke’s story is being saved for the game, but we do know what he’s like to play.

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The Capcom Unity blog describes his fighting style being geared around forward pressure, with combos that keep him moving forward. His V-Skills include moves that power up some of his combos with a ‘Hard Shot’. His second V-Skill is called ‘Suppressor’ and is good against throws and grabs.

Luke’s V-Triggers are also unique, in that his gauge becomes a timer that can be topped up by causing damage. Taking damage interrupts and even takes away from the timer, encouraging him to keep the pressure on. His Fully Armed trigger can then enhance moves like his projectiles, the Rock Smasher. His second V Trigger Vanguard allows him to cancel Flash Knuckle into even more powerful combos.

Perhaps more intriguingly, Capcom have elaborated further on calling Luke a “glimpse into the future” of the Street Fighter series. “Luke will be a major part of the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you are excited to get your hands on him.” While still keeping things relatively vague, producer Shuhei Matsumoto added “We look forward to providing you more information next year.”

You can check out the full Luke Showcase broadcast for yourself below. He arrives in Street Fighter V along with his additional costumes on November 29 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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