Street Fighter 6 wifi indicator is forcing some players to cancel their preorders

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Street Fighter 6 has earned plenty of glowing reviews before its release, but it seems that some players are now canceling their preorders due to the in-game wifi indicator. The new feature, which displays how good a player’s connection is, essentially gives both competitors an idea of what the server’s performance will be like even before a fight begins.

Although a useful mechanic for SF6’s multiplayer modes, it seems that the wifi indicator is forcing some fans to drop the game entirely as they’re afraid that other players will see the wireless network symbol and abandon the game before it even starts. Sadly, this concern isn’t all that absurd since competitors often don’t want to waste time fighting against another person on an unstable connection.

One Twitter user in particular named Cionyl recently created a post stating that they would be canceling their “preorder of SF6” due to the new feature. They would then go on to say that they “don’t have a choice in the matter” because of their current living arrangement so it seems as if a wired connection is out of the question for them at the moment.

A few people responding to Cionyl’s tweet were predictably supportive of their decision as one commenter said that they “wish more wifi players [would] be like this.” Another user, on the other hand, jokingly reminded the post creator to make sure they “cancel it twice.”

Based on a majority of the fan reactions so far, it seems that the concerns of wifi players everywhere have some truth to them as most of the Street Fighter 6 community is apparently against the idea of playing against people on a wireless connection. Unfortunately, it looks like this collective fighting game ideology isn’t going to change any time soon as this genre does inevitably rely on a stable connection for it to be experienced properly.

If you’re one of the many players that plan on checking out Capcom’s latest beat ’em up installment, then check out the entire Street Fighter 6 character list beforehand so you know who to use.

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