Starfield fans are already stocking up on sandwiches

Starfield fans are already stocking up on sandwiches
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Arguably, one of the more humourous parts of the Starfield Direct back in June 2023 was one of the developer’s obsessions with hoarding sandwiches on their ship. What seemed like nothing more than a funny way of showing off how items would stay spawned in throughout your playthrough appears to have quickly cultivated a cult of sandwich worshippers hellbent on collecting every sandwich they can get their hand on.

I personally like to think of them as the galaxy-wide equivalent of seagulls. There you are on your lunch break; you’ve been working tirelessly in the mines all day, and all you want to do is chomp into a nice salami sandwich. However, today isn’t your day; out of nowhere, a single individual comes sprinting off a nearby ship directly towards you only to give you a right smack in the head and make off with your sandwich. A truly horrifying thought that is becoming a very real risk in some Starfield players’ galaxys. Right now, I’d like to coin the term ‘sandwich snappers’ as a descriptor for these individuals. Stick a bounty on that.

Some of these fiends have even taken to showing off their vast collection online, with one user posting an image of hundreds of sandwiches they had collected on Reddit saying, “PRAISE THE SANDWICH”.

Credit: u/MrJacketPotato

If you’re looking to dive into Starfield to become a Sandwich snapper yourself or even to, you know, enjoy everything else Starfield has to offer, then be sure to check out some of our guides on the game, including our Starfield companions and Starfield weapons guides. In other Starfield news, Starfield is already in Steam’s top 50 games even before its release, according to SteamDB and Starfield character models are already haunting my dreams.

Image credit: u/MrJacketPotato via Reddit