Starfield character models are already haunting my dreams

Starfield character models are already haunting my dreams
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While Starfield character models and facial animations are a huge step up from Bethesda Game Studios’ previous games, it’s still good to see that some of the hilarious facial animation bugs the studio is known for are still around. However, quite frankly this time around, some of them are the stuff of nightmares.

Some fans have been heralding Bethesda’s Starfield as the “horror Game of the Year” as some of the game’s NPCs have been striking fear into players’ hearts through demonic facial expressions. One player decided to take it upon themselves to collage all of the unnerving facial expressions captured so far, which, when all put together, I can’t help but just laugh and be somewhat terrified.

Credit: u/InternationalFrend

While they look terrifying, I suppose you would be too if you knew that all the oxygen you’re breathing is owned by a soulless corporation. As one player posited, perhaps it’s not a bug. Maybe it’s a feature.

However, maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Perhaps these NPCs’ expressions are totally justified in context. For the most part, we don’t see our character, especially in dialogue encounters, so what is our character doing to warrant such an expression from the game’s characters? Perhaps that’s the truly terrifying revelation. Maybe we’re the “stuff of nightmares”. Suddenly, I don’t want to play Starfield without the lights on now.

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Image credit: u/InternationalFrend via Reddit