Starfield fan creates ‘Millennium Falcon’ – great Solo effort

Starfield fan creates ‘Millennium Falcon’ – great Solo effort
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Arguably, the modern-day take on sci-fi would be completely different without the influence of Star Wars. Every piece of media has paid homage to the sci-fi juggernaut in some way, and Starfield is no different as one player has taken it upon themselves to create a “budget Millennium Falcon”.

Starfield fan abdelkarim19 initially took to the Starfield Reddit to show off a level 4 Millennium Falcon they had created “on a budget”. Now, we say on a budget because while it’s certainly a valiant effort at level 4, you wouldn’t be able to tell the ship shown is aiming to emulate the iconic Han Solo light freighter.

However, after a bit more graft and determination, Karim’s budget Millennium Falcon is starting to take shape with the iconic side-placed cockpit and almost claw-like look of the Millennium Falcon beginning to take shape. While Karim is still only at level 7, the amount of detail they’ve managed to include on a budget is phenomenal. They’ve also called on the rest of the Starfield community to try their hand at creating their very own Millennium Falcon, with Karim saying, “I finally managed to put the cockpit in its right place. This is the closest that I can get, and hopefully someone will build a better one”.

Credit: u/abdelkarim19

Before the game’s release, the Starfield community shared some phenomenal and downright absurd ships they were planning on building, which included another recognizable ship from the Star Wars galaxy, the Ebon Hawk for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. There are so many fascinating ships from every corner of sci-fi media that I think fans will be kept busy for not just the next few months but also the next few years recreating each goliath.

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Image credit: u/abedelkarim19 via Reddit