Star Wars Outlaws will feature an “ever-present” GTA-like wanted system

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An in-depth look at the inner workings of Star Wars Outlaws has been revealed at the Ubisoft Forward Showcase in June 2023. In addition to showing off the combat, characters, and environments that we can expect, it also gave us a look at the intriguing wanted system present within that’s reminiscent of the GTA series.

Unlike the Rockstar-led games, however, you won’t simply be able to raise your wanted level by stealing a bunch of Speeders from some unsuspecting extraterrestrials. Instead, it increases whenever you challenge the Empire either by purposely injuring a person associated with the sinister organization or stealing a valuable item from an official.

Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty also mentioned during the showcase that “if you continue, you persist, and you do even more [illegal] actions, that wanted level is just going to go up.” “If your wanted level “At the highest levels, the Empire will throw a huge amount of resistance and forces in your way,” Gerighty continued.

Obviously, you’ll always have the chance to fight back against the Empire forces being sent to catch you if you ever get backed into a corner. However, battling hordes of Stormtroopers will be much more difficult this time around since the gameplay trailer has Kay Vess, the protagonist, only wielding a Blaster and not a lightsaber. This means you’ll often be better off laying low as the sheer number of enemies being sent to take you down will inevitably overwhelm you.

Luckily, there will be more than a few ways to get rid of the notoriety you’ve gained so you can start roaming freely through settlements again. Although the producers didn’t exactly specify the methods you can use to escape the authorities, you’ll most likely be able to lower your wanted level by simply escaping on your spaceship and heading to another area temporarily.

If you want to see the Star Wars Outlaws wanted system in action for yourself, then you’ll be able to check it out through Ubisoft’s official gameplay walkthrough. Afterwards, we recommending taking a look at some of the show’s other highlights, such as the Assassin’s Creed Mirage gameplay preview and the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown’s latest footage.

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