Star Wars Outlaws gameplay gives Uncharted vibes, and not a lightsaber in sight

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The Ubisoft Forward gave us our first look Star Wars Outlaws gameplay, just under 24 hours removed from the game’s surprise reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase.

The sequence started off with a bit of stealth, as hero Kay crept around a hanger while directing her companion Hyx around a hangar as she tried to make her escape. Soon enough, however, she’s eventually spotted – kicking off the action portion of the gameplay. It looks like the game will be taking a similar cover-shooter approach as The Division – which makes sense given the game’s lead studio Ubisoft Massive. But there’s definitely a sense of Uncharted, as our hero tries making light of the situation while under fire.

Following the shootout, Kay made her escape on a speeder, kickstarting a chase sequence where it looks like it won’t be on rails, but of course you’ll still be being chased by enemies, so you’ll have to make sure you deal with them. We’re then taken to a bar, where Kay has a meeting with some shady characters. We were teased a potential dialogue choice which we suspect could change aspects of the story, though we only saw the one outcome. It certainly gave Kay an air of everything that made Han Solo cool, but in her own unique way. If that wasn’t enough, we then got a little bit of space travel, as Kay made her escape on a spaceship, and there’ll be plenty of that too.

Notable by their absence is what we didn’t see – there were no Jedi in the brief video, nor did we see much in the way of Force powers. It’ll be an interesting, and refreshing change for an action adventure Star Wars games to not have any of that stuff in, though it makes sense; we got plenty of that in Star Wars Jedi Survivor earlier this year.

A whole host of Ubisoft studios are working on Star Wars Outlaws, so it’s a big deal – but they’re led by Ubisoft Massive, famous for The Division. It certainly looks like there’s plenty of excitement in store when Star Wars Outlaws arrives on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

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Star Wars Outlaws

  • Release Date: August 30, 2024
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