Star Wars Battlefront II has microtransactions once again

Star Wars Battlefront II has microtransactions once again
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DICE has reintroduced microtransactions for Star Wars Battlefront II as part of the game's Night of Endor update, which as previously confirmed lets you shoot Ewoks in their fury faces.

While microtransactions and Star Wars Battlefront II have proven a leathal combination in the past (DICE pulled them temporarily as the backlash from fans was that bad), this time around they're only limited to cosmetic items. There's various options available, from small touches like adding a scar to Kylo Renn or decking out Rey in her costume for The Last Jedi.

This is where real-life money comes into it. You can purchase items known as Crystals, which are the game's paid-for currency that you can spend on freshening up your character's design. These come in multiple different flavours: 500 Crystals (£3.99), 1100 (£7.99), 2100 (£15.99), and 4100 (£31.99). This isn't your only way of nabbing the goodies though; you can grind for in-game credits and buy them this way, though it'll probably take you a while.

The main lure here is obviously Ewok Hunt, a time-limited mode that sees you either repelling Stormtroopers as the pint-sized space furballs or going on the attack as the Empire's cannon fodder and Worst Shots in the Entire Galaxy. 

Star Wars Battlefront II was released for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in November last year, though at the time the whole loot box rubbish seriously marred the experience for Alice during her playthrough.