This Spider-Man 2 suit may be the worst in the game as fans brand it “ugly as sin”

This Spider-Man 2 suit may be the worst in the game as fans brand it “ugly as sin”
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With Insomniac Games’ emotionally charged sequel featuring both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, it stands to reason that Spider-Man 2 also contains the largest collection of suits in the series to date. The follow-up’s costume closet contains classic outfits, like Tobey Maguire’s webbed red-and-blue getup, and a few skins that had only been featured previously in the comics, such as the heroic Arachknight ensemble. However, one attire stands out among all the others, but for all the wrong reasons.

Now, if you’ve been following the critically acclaimed web-slinging series so far, you should be familiar with Miles Morales’ keen eye for fashion with his collection of aesthetically pleasing contemporary outfits. Unfortunately, every human, fictional or not, frequently exhibits instances of poor judgment, which is precisely what happened when the Brooklyn-born youngster pulled out his Evolved Suit. Before we proceed, be warned that there may be spoilers for the end of the game’s story moving forward.

If you’ve yet to come across this particular costume in your playthrough, it may be because it only appears towards the end of the plot. More specifically, before the final showdown with the deadly symbiote, that’ll undoubtedly have you looking for ways on how to beat Venom in Spider-Man 2. Don’t worry – we won’t reveal who Venom is in Spider-Man 2 here because all you need to know for now is the atrocious nature of Miles’s game-ending attire.

The infamous costume has become so unpopular, in fact, that several members of the game’s community have made their way to various social media sites ridiculing its design. One Redditor even said that they “hope this suit is swept under the rug [in the] next game [because] it’s ugly as sin.” Others, on the other hand, speculate that this costume was “added in late development” because of the obvious product placement.

It becomes even more pronounced because the game prevents you from taking it off throughout the entirety of the final mission, so you’re essentially forced to look at it whenever Miles gets a cutscene closeup. Luckily, despite the Evolved Suit’s unattractive design, Spider-Man 2’s gripping plot, stunning visuals, and exciting gameplay more than make up for it.