Does Sons of the Forest Have Mods?

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Sons of the Forest presents a fun, yet terrifying adventure to players that are willing to brave the horrors found within. The fact that the game features a cooperative mode makes it even more enjoyable since playing horror titles by yourself is a very harrowing experience.

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But as amusing as the game may be, users often still find a way to make the journey even more entertaining, typically through the use of mods. Because of this, the survival horror community is now wondering whether or not the game has this feature.

Here’s what we know about the inclusion of mods in Sons of the Forest.

Will Sons of the Forest have Mods?

Yes, Sons of the Forest will most likely have mods introduced at some point as the developers have already addressed this particular question in an interview. Although this feature hasn’t actually been added yet, we can expect it to arrive during the game’s early access period.

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The interview was conducted by a content creator named Farket and the specific video is available through his YouTube channel. One of the questions they posed during the Q&A was about the Steam workshop and whether the developers planned on adding it to the game or not.

Endnight Games then simply answered by saying that “this will likely be in Sons of the Forest.” With this in mind, players can now rejoice in the fact that this should be arriving soon as the developers continue to work on multiple aspects of the game.

Fans should also expect more new content to be introduced to Sons of the Forest in the coming months. Based on an official blog post, Endnight Games has already promised to bring more new items, new enemies, and new weapons to the game during its pre-release phase.

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