Sons Of The Forest – How to Get Rope

Sons Of The Forest – How to Get Rope
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Sons Of The Forest offers minimal hand-holding as it crash lands you on its brutal and unforgiving island. You’re left to figure things out for yourself, which makes tracking down certain materials, notably rope, in Sons Of The Forest a little tricky. It’s a vital early game crafting material that you’ll need in abundance to set you up for success in the game’s inhospitable wilds.

In this guide, we’ll outline how to get rope in Sons Of The Forest to craft and construct all manner of items, structures, and tools.

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How to Get Rope in Sons Of The Forest

Based on our time with the game so far, there are several surefire ways to get rope in Sons Of The Forest.

The first place you’ll find rope is at abandoned camps in the forest, near sheer cliffs, and washed up along beaches. It’s found in containers, cases, crates, or boxes but also lying the ground. From what we’ve seen, they usually spawn in batches of two.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to pinpoint these on the map like you would a point of interest. It’s a case of stumbling on them as you explore. They are pretty regular, though, so you’ll come across one sooner or later.

If you’re feeling brave, you’ll also find rope at cannibal camps in Sons Of The Forest, but the risk is much higher than in abandoned camps. Look out for wooden crates you can break with the axe.

Caves are the second place to find rope in Sons Of The Forest. These are marked on the map and GPS Tracker with a rocky cave mouth icon. Walk to the marker on the map and tap the E button to enter the cave. Venture forward, and before long, you’ll find skeletal remains with rope next to them.

Otherwise, you’ll find bundles of rope near cliff edges overlooking paths leading further into the cave system. Additionally, most cave entrances usually have a few containers lying around that typically contain rope.

Where to Find Rope in Sons Of The Forest

  • Coastline and beaches, near rocks and shipwrecks
  • Abandoned camps
  • Cliffs
  • Cannibal camps
  • Cave entrances
  • Inside caves

Rope Crafting and Building List

Here’s a list of what you can craft with Rope in Sons Of The Forest. We imagine there are a few more pieces, but this is what we’ve found so far.

  • Crafted Bow
  • Crafted Club
  • Repair Tool
  • Bone Armor
  • Zip-line Rope

Rope is also used to construct structures and furniture:

  • Bone maker Trap
  • Fly Swatter Trap
  • Look Out Tower
  • Tree Platforms
  • Tree Shelters
  • Ceiling Skull Lamp
  • Rope Bridge

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