Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer? Yes, it does!

Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer? Yes, it does!
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The terrifying survival title from Endnight Games called Sons of the Forest has quickly become one of the most anticipated entries of the year.

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As the hype surrounding it continues to grow, numerous players continue to ask more questions about this spine-chilling creation. Since playing through horror titles are often easier with other players, one particular inquiry that fans have is whether or not the game has a multiplayer mode.

If you came to our page with this question in mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we know about the game’s inclusion of a multiplayer feature.

Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer?

Yes, Sons of the Forest does have multiplayer so you won’t have to face the horrors of the mysterious island alone. According to the developers, the maximum number of users that can join one session will be up to eight players.

Additionally, an exclusive multiplayer trailer has also been revealed courtesy of IGN, which shows a group of survivors building structures and fighting off the dangerous threats within the forest. Based on what was shown in the clip, players will frequently be faced with waves of cannibals and mutated creatures.

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Groups will also be allowed to use an NPC companion to round out their squad in case they’d prefer the additional help. Though it won’t be as effective as a real player, the added backup still comes in handy when engaged in combat.

Solo players will similarly have the chance to play with an AI member if they choose to do so throughout their adventure. It’s currently unclear whether you can control the AI yourself or not, but their presence in the game will surely be helpful in a variety of situations.

Sons of the Forest multiplayer FAQs

Can you play Sons of the Forest with 2 people?

You can play the game with up to a total of eight people. If you don’t have enough members, you can make use of one AI companion as well.

Will the Sons Of The Forest be multiplayer?

Yes, Sons Of The Forest will be multiplayer which is similar to it’s predecessor, The Forest.